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  1. Being a girl a generally spend some time getting ready for various events. Getting ready requires many different tools such as curling irons, flat irons, and hair dryers. These tools require a good amount of electricity to power and when you plug more then one of them into the plug the lights dim significantly. This is because the circuits that these are plugged into are only series circuits. This means there is only one path for the current to flow through and when you plug in another tool it requires a lot of extra electricity so the lights dim so enough energy can be pulled for the blow dryer. This way you the circuit wont blow out and a fire wont start even thought it is a possible.

  2. t_hess10
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    In magnets, there are many rules to need to know. First magnets run from north to south outside the magnet and south to north inside the magnet. Also, magnetic field lines show the flow of these electrons and how they interact with other magnets around. When two magnets are close to each other with both of their closest sides the same, the magnets repel each other and magnet field lines shown in between the magnets are seen repelling away from each other. Also, when two magnets are close to each other with their closest sides being opposite, they attract, which is shown with magnetic field lines. Overall, by using these need to knows, you can determine many question with magnets.

  3. aj31597
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    In the movie Furious 7 there was a really cool scene where they dropped their high end cars out of a military plane with parachutes with the drivers in them in hopes to land on a road and continue driving. To shoot the scene they actually did it dropping two cars out at a time with parachutists following on the way down with cameras. At 12,000 feet the skydivers had to follow the cars at the angles needed and dodged falling debris. The shooting for this movie not only took caution and creativity but a knowledge of physics as well.

  4. There are many different types of waves. Mechanical Waves, Sound Waves, Electromagnetic Waves and even waves people get in their hair. Today I am here to discuss the term wavy in context of style and fashion. Coming from Urban Dictionary wavy can be defined as the new futuristic way of describing something in a positive connotation, popularized by rapper Max B. Another definition for wavy is the highest level of smooth/cool/swagger. For those who don't already I know I am known around I-town as the "wavy boy". I brought this name to myself because I feel that I am "wavy". I take pride in the way I dress and I like passion. I could go on and on about the term "wavy" but I am going to end it here. Thank you for time and stay tuned for more!


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  5. During a sporting event, the players are the ones expected to perform physical activities. However, within the game and the stadium, there are many other types of physics. A few examples are waves. Waves range from the stadium fans, to the sounds of the players, to the light waves lighting up the stadium. One of the most common waves is performed by the fans, but must be done with a lot of concentration and coordination. A stadium wave has most, if not all of the crowd performing a transverse wave that usually has a very long period because of how long it takes to complete. A transverse wave is a type of wave where the direction of energy transfer is perpendicular to its oscillations. The sound waves created by the players and cheering fans are classified as mechanical and longitudinal waves. They are mechanical because they require a medium to travel through, and they are longitudinal because the air particles are caused to move back and forth. Finally, there are light waves which are classified as transverse and electromagnetic. They are electromagnetic because they do not need a medium to travel through , and are transverse due to the same reasoning as the stadium waves. There's a lot of physics within sports and the players, but the rest of the environment contributes to physics as well, as much, if not more than the actual players.

  6. The moon does some strange things if you haven't noticed! And something very strange is happening this Saturday, April 4th! A so called, "Blood Moon", is to occur that will be the shortest of the century, these are very rare occurrences that are very interesting to examine.

    The blood moon occurs only when the sun, moon and earth are lined up perfectly with the earth in the middle. The earth as it lines up with the sun casts a large shadow which then envelopes the moon as it passes into the earths shadow. As it does this the moon becomes darker and eventually a reddish hue. The moon is turning red for a certain reason because the atmosphere of the earth filters out the blue light of the sun leaving only the red light to shine on the moon giving it it's signature red moon color.

    This blood moon occurrence happens to be a special one though, that is because usually a blood moon occurs twice a year, but when it occurs four times, like it will this year, it is known as a tetrad.

    So if a blood moon is when the moon is blood red, a blue moon is when the moon is blue right? Surprisingly no! A blue moon has nothing to do with the color of the moon unlike the blood moon. So what is a blue moon? Well it is a confusing tail.

    Originally the idea was traced to the "Maine Farmers's Almanac", which stated a blue moon was the third full moon in a season that contains four full moons instead of three which is a rare occurrence. But the idea was misinterpreted by another author who stated a blue moon is the second full moon in a month with two full moons, this was published and adopted as common knowledge.

    Now when you're friends start talking about the lunar cycles at the lunch table you can contribute useful information into the conversation. Enjoy your Saturday night which I'm sure you'll spend doing something other than watching the moon!

    Blue moon information from space.com

    Picture from toonpool.com

  7. This ones going to be a throw back to the beginning of first-person-shooters online. Doom, the game where you stop the forces from hell taking over the earth (or if you're a stickler it's Doom 3 and you close the gate to Hell on Mars.) and you are the only guy ( Doom Guy, heh, bad pun sorry) to complete the task....or if you want to play the older games with a friend and then have it turn into an all out brawl with your fists. With this i'm ignoring the everything else that has to do with the physics because most things like floating eyes that spit fire and a portal to Hell on Mars can possibly be explained, i'm focusing on how the heck Doom Guy can carry nine different guns. This guy carries around shotguns, a pistol, a rocket launcher,the BFG and a chainsaw. Yes he can be strong enough to carry but where does he put them when he isn't using them, let alone all the ammo for it. I would have a video for this one but man is the game as bloody and gory as it can possibly be for it's time, instead have a picture.


    Also, who's excited for Doom 4?

  8. heather_heupel
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    Ever since I had an MRI on my knee (worst experience ever) I wanted to discover what was really going on. Sitting still for 32 minutes really makes you start to think about everything. I wondered what the machine was really doing. I had to take off all of my jewelry, or clothes that may have metal on them and until 9 minutes into it did I realize I left my ring on. I only noticed because it was vibrating and made my hand feel weird. I pulled the emergency cord and told them what was wrong and they allowed me to keep it on because that part of my body was not in the tube.

    I found a really good video that started off by explaining the waves, amplitude, frequency, phase, etc. The concepts are kind of hard so I had to keep re-watching parts of the video. I also still need a lot of explanation. What I did pick up was this is one of the times electrons aren't as important as the Nucleus. Using the technology and creating the clear pictures, tumor tissues could be differed from normal tissues. It became the quickest (although not very quick if you're actually in one) screening tool to detect these defaults in the human body. To make an MRI picture, they use 3D space to focus the image of the ligaments.

    This was a very hard topic to research especially since it is only my first year of physics but Mr. Fullerton I'm sure could easily understand it;

  9. As I was desperately researching different topics to write about, I came across an article describing how physical therapy relates to physics. As a former physical therapy patient, I know the painful and difficult tasks required to heal. According to the article, Torque, electromagnetic force, and gravitational force are relevant to physical therapy. Also, physics itself is obviously applicable to the movement of the body through all the forces of nature. Torque applies to physical therapy as the body bends, stretches, and moves throughout a persons life. Electromagnetic force is present within processes of the human body and any electromagnetic forces outside the human body may effect it. Lastly, gravitational force becomes relevant to any motion the body makes.

  10. I am hard at studying and then my brain starts to wander and before I know it I am on YouTube; the site that can cause any determined student to suddenly lose all concentration. And then somehow through the incredible maze of related videos I find myself at a video showing how to win a pinewood derby race with science. Little did I know that it would serve as review with plentiful information on the conservation of energy and also how both Potential and Kinetic energy affect the car. The video goes to show how potential energy, which is dependent mostly of height, is transferred into kinetic energy as it travels down the track and gains speed. It also shows how some of the potential energy is transferred into heat energy through friction. It then explains how to make the fastest car you want to start with the most potential energy and get the most of that energy transferred into kinetic energy, which is dependent mostly on velocity. To maximize potential energy the weight is placed toward the top of the car. To reduce the amount of energy lost the car rides on three wheels instead of four.

  11. In Dragon Ball Z, whenever a character transforms into a powered up state, their hair becomes golden and they're referred to as "Super Saiyans". There a few different forms of Super Saiyan, but in the clip, I've linked, Gohan goes SS2. When a character transforms, they begin to produce a powerful aura that destroys and lifts the ground around it, causing debris to fly up and float around the character, and for the earth to shatter underneath them. This means that the aura itself is so powerful that the force of it alone is enough to break the ground and launch it through the air. That is absolutely insane, I can't even pick up the ground with my arms.

  12. It's like 10:30 at night and I am so tired and don't want to do this. But since I only have one left (I think) and it's very trivial if I want to pass, I will do it. The only problem is, I don't know what to write about. I could write about how we were wearing power rangers t-shirts. You wore one but so did I, a different color. And so was Moey, and his brother. I have already talked about everything that I do. All I ever do is play hockey and video games because I'm lame, so lets see what else there is.

    Let's talk about circular motion. I have this friend of mine who can be a really good driver sometimes, but when he gets too energetic, can be very wreckless. He likes to drift in parking lots with FEMALES in the car and putting their lives in danger. When drifting your car can hydroplane or just lose traction on your back tires, and then you begin to spin. When I last drifted (yes, it has happened multiple times. Sometimes on purpose some) we flew around a pole in a parking lot in a circular motion. Since we were spinning in a circle, the centripetal force will always be pointing to the center or in this case the pole. Also if we were to lose traction of the front tires too, our velocity would continue tangent to the circle. So if your friend ever decides to drift, or you egg him on by saying things like "you won't push 80 on this main road", just know that your velocity will go tangent to the circle.

    That's all I got for y'all now I'll be back next quarter to do 5 in one sitting, last minute. Goodbye

  13. Alex Wilson
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    Lately in the video game world there has been a lot of purposefully bad simulator games: Surgeon Simulator and Rock Simulator to name a couple. Now, there is a sim game called I AM BREAD. In the game you play as, well, bread. Duh. The purpose of every level is to become toast and stay edible. The best part of the game is that it has really wonky controls. Also, the physics make little sense. The bread you play as has grip and can climb walls. It also seems to be a rather heavy mass since it can break bottles and push bowling balls around. The series Teens React has a video with it:

    My favorite part is that they all ask "Wait, so I'm the bread?"

  14. colbydick
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    Batman, being one of the few comic book heroes without actual powers, has connected with thousands of people over the years because of this fact. Instead of using Super-strength or Super-speed he relies on his superior intellect and gadgets to defeat his enemies. Most notable of his gadgets is his cape. His cape has gone through several changes over the years. From being just plain cloth, to fireproof and bulletproof cloth , to being given a flexible skeleton to use as a glider. The latter can exist in the real world because it acts just as a hang glider works. By increasing the surface area of his falling self there is more drag due to air friction thus slowing his decent to a gentle glide. So, if given the technological means, gliding vigilantes could exist in this world.

  15. mitchbertch
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    Although it may not seem like much, there are a lot of physics involved with eating a donut. First, you have to apply a force on the donut when you pick it up and raise it to your mouth. Since the average donut weighs in at about .04 kg, it takes about .4 newtons to lift a donut. it also takes roughly .4 Joules to lift a donut from the table to your head. lastly, if you bite really hard into the donut, you will exert anywhere from 500-700 newtons. that means the donut bites back with the same amount of force. So next time somebody makes fun of you for eating a donut, just tell them how much work it takes.

  16. haley13
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    football connects to physics in several ways. Physics is demonstrated when the football is being thrown, the speed the ball is going, and the distance the ball is being thrown. People watch football on the weekends and focus on how many yards gained, who wins the game, but don't realize how much physics is involved if you really think about it.

  17. aschu103
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    The hardest thing we do every day - waking up and getting out of bed.

    Newton's first law states that things at rest are likely to stay at rest unless acted upon by an outside force. Whether that force is our alarm clock, angry parents, or the panic of sleeping in a few minutes too late, it can be hard to get moving. Most days it's better to just lay in bed and hope that your homework does itself.

    However, Newton's law doesn't apply in the first few minutes after getting up - once you're in motion, it's very easy to go back to sleep. This is because of a phenomenon known as the "Sleepy Teenager Complex," caused by too much homework and not enough time to do all of it while still completing necessary functions.

    To this day, a cure for Sleepy Teenager Complex continues to allude us.

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    During the winter time some people like to take advantage of the snow on the ground. I'm not one of those people but there is still physics involved in this activity. When a person is stopped at the top of the hill they have a very high potential energy. They are sitting there waiting to move but they are not yet in motion. As they slide down the hill they have a very high potential energy because they are in motion. To find their exact kinetic energy a person could use the equation KE=1/2mvâ—˜

  18. If there is any question the assassin's creed games poses its: Is it possible to pass down memories through DNA? How would such a thing be possible even with our years of evolution? The science behind DNA coding and current experiments may surprise you.

  19. ASayasone
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    I remember being brought to the batting cages a couple times over the summer when I was younger. Not being interested in baseball at all, and still not being that interested, it was still a fun experience. In a batting cage, it's yourself, a bat, and this machine which shoots baseballs. The entire purpose is for you to try and hit the baseball, and there's net surrounding you so the baseball doesn't escape once you've hit it. So at a batting cage, there's a bunch of physics, such as how the baseball will travel towards you at a certain velocity, and then you'll swing the bat at a certain velocity with a certain force, and if you've aimed correctly, both the bat and baseball will come in contact and apply a force onto each other. After that, the ball travels in the opposite direction which it had been thrown at. If you had wanted to find its velocity for whatever reason, you could have someone time when the ball had been hit, and the time it stayed in the air and finally hit the ground, already knowing the acceleration, and measuring the distance, you'd use an equation such as vf=vi+at or vf^2=vi^2+2ad. One thing I learned from the experience is that you should also wear gloves because the force from the ball can hurt your hand after you've hit it, this being because of friction between the bat and your hands.

  20. There's tons of physics in volleyball. But the most recent physics I've noticed is that after really long plays the ball is actually warm. This shows transfer of energy. The energy from the players is transferred to the ball which after a while can make the ball warm.

  21. blog-0403387001415817841.jpgI was biking down a hill once on my way to Herremma's Market and I slipped of the sidewalk and into the grass. Since the grass has more friction than the pavement, i fell off my bike and onto the grass because gravity pulled me down.
  22. I recall standing near one of two doors to the auditorium on a Sunday Afternoon, waiting on people to arrive. it was not until 1:45 until people started to swarm in. Ripping up tickets and providing programs, I was busy at work making sure that people would feel welcome inside the dark chamber. The performance itself was based off of a child's book, reimagined, and transformed into the musical known as Frog and Toad. yet all that mattered to me at the time was dealing with ticketwork and getting the viewers in.

    Yet at the same time, i wasn't responsible for every single viewer. No, instead some funneled in through the alternative door, while others seated themselves onto the balcony on the second floor. So if i didn't have to manage every ticket, how could i predict where people would enter? That's where physics comes in.

    As it is known, Vectors are quantities of both magnitude and direction. Near my door, i could figure which people would check through me through the direction in which they took to reach the auditorium. If they entered through the main entrance and through the commons (presumably eastward), it would have been unlikely that they would have entered through my door, since it was more situated towards an entranceon the left of the building. Should they have entered through that entrance ( which was southward), they would have more likely checked in with me. Another thing i noticed was the magnitude of their movement. I noticed that generally people were more rushed the closer it was to show time; a sign that they moved faster.

    In all, by observing this, I was able to take something as absurd as being a volunteer, and use physics to make the job easier. with the assistance of vectors, i could keep myself reminded that not every person would be checking in with me.

  23. In this video my group and I were test trying out our catapult at an approximate angle of 45 degrees which we hoped would of increased our distance. Projectile displacement is also present in this video, but also the force of gravity which then brings down the softball.

  24. Kgraham30
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    when I walk gravity is always acting on me. all day long physics is acting on my body. when you fall you experience this because you are always being tied to the earth by gravity. when you jump in the air your being effected by gravity because you don't just keep going up into space. gravity is constantly bringing you back down to earth. also when you are falling you are constantly falling at a rate of 9.81 m/s2 down once you reach terminal velocity however you can no longer accelerate. however you will most likely not survive the fall at this point.

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