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Pre-flight Briefing

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Nicholas Enterprises

Starting Funds: $60,000


Vehicle Name: Mr. Rocket


Vehicle Parts and Cost:

MK16 Parachute X1, LV-909 Liquid Fuel Engine X1, FL-T800 Fuel Tank X1, TT-38K Radial Decoupler X3, RT-10 Hammer Fuel Booster X3, MK1 Command Pod X1, AV-T1 Winglet X3, TR-188 Stack Decoupler X2, Aerodynamic Nose Cone X3, FL-T400 X1, LV-
T45 Engine X1.

Total Cost- $12,182

Ending Funds- $47,818

Design Goals:

Our rocket has been designed to successfully go into orbit around Kerbin and then return safely back to Kerbin.

Launch Goal:

Our goal for our launch is to go into orbit around Kerbin.

Pilot Plan:

The pilot should exit Kerbin’s atmosphere and then turn at the proper angle to cause the ship to go into orbit around Kerbin.



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