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  1. I'd definitely hash out that pilot plan in MUCH more detail before launch...
  2. Another first for Kerbal-Kind!
  3. Very well done!!!
  4. How about the plan for exiting orbit and returning? Might be important... at least to the Kerbal!
  5. $90K awarded!
  6. You may add $30K in awards to your fund totals.
  7. Good pre-flight briefing, but I would recommend thinking through HOW to achieve a stable orbit, how to exit and re-enter, etc.
  8. I would also highly recommend looking a bit more deeply into how to use parachutes / separate the command module from the rest of the rocket. Additional fuel / rockets should not be required for safe re-entry.
  9. Congratulations! Add $60K into your available funds!
  10. Nice pre-launch briefing!
  11. Nice pre-launch briefing!
  12. Yes, equations given for both parts of the exam.
  13. Glad to hear it went well. The center of mass concept is one that many times allows you to solve problems more simply than traditional 'plug and chug' formulas. You'll find it useful in a variety of units in the course!
  14. Google is your friend: