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  1. I Drop Everything

    Dropped my daughter once... didn't notice the air resistance kicking in. Did notice the mom resistance kicking in shortly thereafter, however.
  2. Supersonic speed

    If you have a chance, read up a bit on Chuck Yeager (and/or follow his Twitter). An amazing man with an amazing career and a fantastic sense of humor to boot.
  3. What Is This and Why Is It Important?

    Love this! My background is in microelectronic engineering, and I'm even in the middle of putting together a 2-hour workshop on microelectronics (presentation is in December) that will cover much of what you did over the summer. Great discipline, with TONS of fantastic jobs that are fun, challenging, and rewarding. We'll have to talk more...
  4. Force of a Linebacker

    Old Silverback is my favorite player!
  5. Appendix A physics 1 kinematics

    Which is certainly closely enough given various rounding / sig figs. You got it right.
  6. Appendix A physics 1 kinematics

    There are several explanations I think. I would probably use the kinematic equations (v0, v, delta_x, a, t), and use those to solve the problem. If you're getting stuck, can you post what you've done so far, and that will give me better information to assist you?
  7. 2D Motion Homework Help

    Hi cjt100. So we can better assist, can you tell us what you've tried so far, and where you're getting stuck?
  8. Ping Pong Physics

    Cool video edits!!!
  9. LaTex Help.

    Sure would be nice if your teacher put something together to help with LaTeX and getting started... maybe something like a guide and even starting templates. Perhaps even a video guide? http://www.aplusphysics.com/about/LaTeX.html
  10. Dynamics supplement question 19

    This is a very common type of question, and the process of breaking up forces on a FBD into components and applying Newton's 2nd Law carries throughout the entire course. One of those things you've gotta learn. The "shortcut" that you learned isn't really a shortcut, and isn't something I'd recommend, as it won't carry through to other situations in which the third force isn't caused by gravity on a mass. I'd focus on learning how to draw free body diagrams, break forces at angles into components, and applying Newton's 2nd Law. It's the backbone of mechanics, and very important in further units as well. Good luck!
  11. Dynamics supplement question 19

    Solution attached... 19c-soln.pdf
  12. That was a pretty cool read... I had no idea about all the different split configurations. Well done!
  13. The Physics of Broken Things

    On the bright side, replacing circuit breakers is fairly straightforward. Car engines, now... that's another story. Good luck!
  14. Dying

    @HegelBot153 Huh???
  15. Kinematics Test Eulogy

    That's a lot of doom and gloom for someone who had a fantastic score on the exam...

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