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  1. FizziksGuy

    Super new - question about downloads

    Hi Robin, and welcome! Your book is available in the Community --> Downloads section (from the same page where you purchase), but I've also e-mailed a copy to you for convenience. Thanks for the support!
  2. FizziksGuy

    WUV Our Work 2018 Missions

    I don't think anyone has ever gotten this far before. Kudos, WUV Our Work!!! 😎
  3. FizziksGuy

    WUV Our Work 2018 Missions

    Fantastic Kerbal season!
  4. FizziksGuy

    BCD Venture pt 1

    Terrestrial exploration accomplished!
  5. FizziksGuy

    KT Explorations Inc.

    A fantastic Kerbal season!
  6. FizziksGuy

    WUV Our Work 2018 Missions

    A penny saved is a penny earned!
  7. FizziksGuy

    WUV Our Work 2018 Missions

    That is quite the find! Very cool... well done!
  8. FizziksGuy

    Orbital Recap

    Very nice! Congrats on the achievement payouts!
  9. FizziksGuy

    Can We Please Get to Orbit?

    What's Bob going to do after he achieves orbit to get home safely?
  10. FizziksGuy

    KT Explorations Inc.

    That is one mighty-fine lookin' Kerbal!
  11. FizziksGuy

    WUV Our Work 2018 Missions

    Nicely done team! That's quite the accomplishment!
  12. FizziksGuy

    Eternal Recurrence

    Kind of like a donut -- it's hard to tell the beginning and end. Well, unless you eat it, and the first bite is the beginning, and the crumbs are the sad end.
  13. FizziksGuy

    BCD Venture pt 1

    Bonus $20K to team BCD for the Kerbal Royal Wedding Painting!
  14. FizziksGuy

    Sensation Pre-Flight Breifing

    Nice flight!!! Looking forward to the Mun landing!
  15. FizziksGuy

    10 km Flight Recap

    Looks like a fun adventure!

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