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  1. Google is your friend:
  2. acts like a wire
  3. Sounds like you'll have a head start on our "post-AP" project!
  4. Not quite sure I understand what "Mr. Fullerton is for the boys" means, but glad to hear you've gotten something out of the course. I, too, am glad you've stuck with it. Couple more weeks of pushing and the finish line is in sight!
  5. I was right with you up to the part where you said "it isn't that horrible of a movie." The missus made me sit through it once. The post-viewing fever lasted three days. I was right with you up to the part where you said "it isn't that horrible of a movie." The missus made me sit through it once. The post-viewing fever lasted three days.
  6. And of course there's that whole "Gallifrey and the Daleks are time-locked" complication. As corny and goofy as the show is, what always impresses me is the quality of the writing... and I'm really enjoying the fact that my 7-year-old is now all about watching Doctor Who with her dad whenever mom isn't home (Mommy would find it 'inappropriate.')
  7. So thrilled you've enjoyed the course. Recognizing it's the most technically challenging (as well as highest workload), and coupling that with an exceedingly frustrating instructor who is happy to sit back and let you struggle, you've done a mighty nice job in stepping up to the challenge. Only a couple weeks left... don't let up!
  8. You're on the home stretch of a mighty difficult course, not just in content but also in terms of level of independence. You've done well -- keep it up for just a few more weeks!
  9. Sure been nice having you in here!
  10. Nice post! I appreciate how you put some time and thought into it.
  11. When the switch is first closed, the capacitor acts like a wire. Both B and D will have no effective resistance because there is a short from one side of the battery to the other where the capacitor is. For a split second, they will have near zero resistance, and a very large spike in current.
  12. It depends where on the object that force is being applied.
  13. It depends on where you set your reference angle for theta -- I'd defined mine from a perpendicular perspective. You could also have cosine instead depending upon your starting point.
  14. Checked: A) B=D, C, A, E; D, B=C, A=E There is a typo in an early edition of the book
  15. Once the lid pops off, there's no longer a pressure differential holding the lid. Therefore you have 800N up, and 4 N down, for a net of 796 N up.
  16. It's actually pretty cool to learn about all the safety mechanisms working inside... I took a class where we spent about an hour looking at all the engineering that goes into a standard Glock (chosen because they're very reliable and simple) -- and it really gives you an appreciation for the level of detail and creativity that goes into strong design.
  17. This is a right hand rule question. You'll have to think in three dimensions. As current flows through the wire to the right, a magnetic field is created which travels around the wire. Above the wire (in the air above the book if you're looking at it on paper), the direction of this field is toward the bottom of the page. Below the wire (down into the book if you're looking at it on paper), the direction is toward the top of the page. This relates back to the section on Fields due to Current-Carrying Wires on pages 173-174.
  18. To think about this one, recognize there are free charges in the wire (sea of electrons, it's a conductor.) Those charges are moving in a magnetic field. Moving charges in a magnetic field experience a force, which will manifest itself in terms of an electric potential difference.
  19. Lots of wibbly wobbly timey wimey stuff here...
  20. View File The Ultimate Regents Physics Question and Answer Book - 2016 ed. This study book contains nearly 1500 questions and answers from the last 20 Regents Physics exams through June 2015 broken up by topic. A terrific companion book to go with APlusPhysics: Your Guide to Regents Physics Essentials. Topics covered include: kinematics dynamics circular motion gravity momentum work and energy electrostatics circuits magnetism waves optics modern physics Problems are presented in workbook / worksheet format. This is a license for a digital download of the PDF version for use by one person only on up to five electronic devices. This document may not be printed, edited, re-distributed, re-sold, or licensed to any other user. Once the file has been downloaded no refunds will be given. Just to reaffirm -- this file is NOT printable. Submitter FizziksGuy Submitted 05/03/2013 Category Books  
  21. Off to a great start!
  22. Yup, great catch! Updating...
  23. Absolutely beautiful. And you put that first video together? Great dramatic musical selection to go with it!!!
  24. That is a FANTASTIC question, and to answer it, we need to understand that by accelerating at the top position, we're no longer maintaining a circular orbit, but setting up an elliptical orbit. If we increase the speed of the satellite in that top position, we've increased the kinetic energy of the satellite at that position. But a more complete orbital analysis must take into account gravitational potential energy. By increasing the kinetic energy at the top position, we'll trade that speed off for gravitational potential energy at the bottom position. The following web page goes into more detail (, but the best way I've found to get a good feel for orbital mechanics is to play games. As mentioned on the thread above, Orbiter is a free game that will give you a good feel for it, but Kerbal Space Program is a lot more fun in my opinion (though it's not free). :-)