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  1. @SJamison is fierce on the ice!
  2. That does NOT look pleasant...
  3. Wow.... now that had to be embarrassing.
  4. It's all about conservation of energy!
  5. Then they become your former friend?
  6. You are on quite the roll here...
  7. Nice outfits! This will be our unit review video next week!
  8. From the AP Physics 1 Essentials book... a tricky question. For B, because you're passing through the zero point, you find the energy going from 3 m/s to 0 m/s, and then the energy going from 0 m/s to -3 m/s, and add them. Same idea with D. It requires you to think past the standard definition and understand what sort of work must be done to accomplish the feat.
  9. You could even calculate the moment of inertia depending on load size!
  10. Well done -- all sorts of physics in swimming!
  11. This is exactly my agenda with my little girls tomorrow... rake leaves, watch them jump in them. Lather, rinse, repeat.
  12. Cool concept, but the game itself isn't tremendously interesting -- seems like a ton of potential that wasn't executed well.
  13. Amazing what detail they can embed into the latest video games. Impressive...
  14. Yessir... amazing how much more efficient you can be with the hook grip, even though it feels so uncomfortable and wrong when you first start using it!
  15. Back squats are my fave as well... but 405. Still amazed, though, even for a movement that looks so simple and like it just requires raw power -- just how much technique plays a role in hitting that personal high lift. I was capped in the 360 range until I adjusted my foot position and hand position just a tiny bit, then all of a sudden 400 was in reach. Applying the force at just the right spot to maximize your efforts is SOOOO important!
  16. I'm thinking the dog is a better way to go as well...
  17. Glad you're recovering quickly from your knew surgery!
  18. A couple years ago we actually did superconducting magnetic levitation in the classroom. I still have the kit if it's something you want to play with after the AP exam... it does require some liquid nitrogen, though, which takes a bit of work to procure. :-)
  19. Notice, too, that he uses a hook grip. Might make a great blog (or series of posts) about the hook grip and why it's so effective! Might also do a post on the snatch -- MUCH more challenging from my experience!
  20. Physics of Video Games has been a hot topic in the physics area for some time. Check out this post by pal Rhett Allain!
  21. 1 newton = 1 kg*m/s2, so... 1 N/kg = 1 kg*m/(s2*kg) = 1 m/s2
  22. Welcome to APlusPhysics -- hope your studies go well this semester!
  23. Absolutely. I can remember going to a class where we were on the range and a little old lady was learning to shoot and thought she'd be fine because she had a small little "pocket revolver," and was surprised how tough it was to control. Giving her a much larger semi-automatic, she found hitting the target was a piece of cake. Larger mass, smaller acceleration, easier to control!
  24. That is absolutely amazing... almost makes you think there had to be something wrong with the bat. Wouldn't believe it without seeing it!
  25. That's Dan Burns -- a rather well-known physics teacher on the west coast!