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  1. Wow, now that is impressive. Both the eulogy in verse, as well as landing on and returning from Duna. I've never seen a team accomplish that before. Major thumbs up!!!
  2. Very interesting approach -- looking forward to seeing how the final flight goes!
  3. Nice report, and I love the pictures!
  4. Following the death of poor Valentina Kerman on Duna, Nicholas Enterprises has had a lien placed against all future rocket purchases. This lien will be lifted when a full eulogy for Valentina is published in this forum. This eulogy must follow the strict format of an English sonnet (see details here: )
  5. See something in a movie that just didn't look right? Ironman 3 have some "funky" stuff? Could some of those stunts really happen? Let's explore that here!
  6. Definitely worth doing a bit of research on orbital maneuvering and how to dock... it's not particularly straightforward.
  7. Looks like you're making progress, but hopefully your pilot doesn't have to test out his parachute next time. Looks like you're having some trouble embedding pictures... please see me or one of your classmates for the next mission reports so we can see a visual record of your triumphs!
  8. Fantastic work. That's quite an accomplishment. Are you headed to Mun or another stellar object next?
  9. Congrats on your first working satellite! Looking good...
  10. What is your desired orbital radius? Good luck!
  11. Great job. Looking forward to hearing about the docking mission!
  12. Congrats on the manned orbit and EVA!!!
  13. Congrats on the Kerbal EVA!
  14. Getting dangerous with this space flight stuff!!! :-D
  15. Woohooie!
  16. Glad it worked out, but I'd definitely flesh out that in-flight plan in MUCH more detail for future missions.
  17. Sounds like you're well on your way to the outer reaches of the solar system!
  18. What happened after your pilot deployed his parachute?
  19. Might want to flesh out that pilot plan significantly further. For example, flying straight up won't get you into orbit. How will you intersect the moon's orbit. How will you burn to get into orbit around the moon? At what altitude?
  20. Congrats on the award!
  21. Nice job on the space station! $130K Achieved.
  22. I'd definitely hash out that pilot plan in MUCH more detail before launch...
  23. Another first for Kerbal-Kind!
  24. Very well done!!!
  25. How about the plan for exiting orbit and returning? Might be important... at least to the Kerbal!