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  1. The Helmet

    It is better to not get hit in the head but sometimes it just ends up that way. Hockey helmets are designed like most helmets with the ability to absorb most of the energy from impact. The thing that I believe separates a hockey helmet from a standard football helmet is the fact that the top of the line hockey helmet rotates a little around your head without jerking your head in the initial impact. (I don't Know enough about football equipment to speak on behalf of the equipment) However, most injuries that occur to the head are caused from the initial jerk of the head when the brain remains still for a moment while the head moves. As this movement happens it yanks on blood vessels and nerves causing strain on the head and if bad enough an actual brain bleed or a concussion. This is why I wear the top of the line helmet now because previously having a really bad concussion and now I must wear it to prevent future ones. With this helmet no one is safe from every hit but with the ability to rotate a little around your head it gives you a slight edge over other helmets.
  2. Sounds like a wicked concussion. I'll stick to the ones from hockey
  3. Underwater Explosion

    When an explosive goes off under water the shock wave carries a lot further than it would if it were on land and in the air. This is cool because water has a higher density than air so this mean that it is harder to move or has higher inertia. And we know that inertia is a measure of how restive something is to acceleration. This means that after the explosion goes off the shock wave from that will carry further through the water with smaller deceleration. From this we know that this shock wave will be carried without losing speed and keeping it's high kinetic energy. As a result of this if you are anywhere near an explosion in the water you will be feeling most of the energy from the explosion. This energy from the explosion depending on the size could have enough energy to shatter every bone in your body. I would suggest getting out of the water if you were in this situation but, chances are you would be to late.
  4. That's a really cool idea to keep kids safe playing a sport they love.
  5. Its crazy how this bullet resistant glass is able to absorb so much energy.
  6. It's funny to think that flipping a bottle is considered a talent now.
  7. Jumping from high distances

    When a person is jumping from a high distances to the ground or other hard surfaces it is important to maximizes the time that you are decelerating. This is vitally important because the thing that causes injury is the force that is applied to you over short periods of time. If you can spread the force out along a period of time the impulse over time wont be a as big thus your body will not have to absorb all of the energy at once allowing for a safe landing. This also allows for the body to be able to absorb greater forces. One way to increase the time to stop is by bending the knees. This is very important because if you don't you will feel the force all through your body
  8. Its crazy to think that a thing can move so fast without a force being applied besides gravity!
  9. It's cool to think about simple things like this with a ton of physics behind them.
  10. I'm glad that I put on a good show for you Come to some more games and I will make sure i throw some more bodies around
  11. Bullet proof glass

    Everyone calls it bullet proof glass but in reality nothing is bullet proof. The term for it is bullet resistant because if something is shot enough, one will find its way through eventually. Bullet resistance glass is a combination between very thin sheets of glass and even thinner sheets of tough plastic made of polycarbonate. This is able to work because as the bullet hits the glass it breaks the thin sheets of glass and the energy from the bullet is absorbed by the plastic layers. To make this effective you increase the number of layers to absorb more energy. The ratio between glass to plastic is normal 3:1 were the layers of plastic are 1-3 mm thick and the glass is 3-10 mm thick. This is crazy to think that by layering glass and plastic it is able to stop a .308 caliber marine sniper bullet, one that will knock you off your feet entirely. In this video you can see that this glass is only successful for two shots from a .308 rifle at close range. So if you are in a car with a sniper shooting at you and have this glass between you and the bullet, I would suggest driving pretty fast.
  12. The kronwall

    Kronwall is one of my favorite defenseman in the NHL. The reason for this being his huge hits that he has (shown below) and this great defensive play. The reason for hit great hits is because he combines his massive self with a good amount of speed to completely wreck players. The main reason this is so effective is because of a fundamental aspect of physics which is the idea that momentum must be conserved. Since he catches his opponent off guard it allows him to build speed and use his mass to collide with the other played and cause for him to continue on in his original direction. Even though his speed gets slowed significantly from this it is because he has just collided with another massive player. But, since he has more speed and a better center of mass this opponent gets "Kronwalled"
  13. Falling down the stairs

    So last night it was very late and dark and my mom decided to leave a basket at the top of the stairs. I think you can see where this is going from the title. So going down stairs was very fast. And getting up the only thing that I could think about is what just happened in terms of energy. The first thought that I had was how much potential energy I had at the top of the stairs. The next was how much transferred into kinetic energy from falling down the stairs. Then I thought about the mid way point where I had kinetic energy, potential energy and a little rotational energy. I found this funny because physics changes the way you think, you can be sitting on your butt at the bottom of the stairs and still be thinking about how it relates to physics and then realize you have an EM exam on Friday!
  14. Stomping in the snow

    When you are walking in the snow have you ever noticed that when your foot lands in light, fluffy snow your footprint is actually bigger than it is and you can see the extra space with your foot still there? This happens because when you are bringing your foot down it traps a pocket of air between your foot and the ground. As a result of this once your foot hits the ground that air pocket is dispersed thus it causes for the snow around your foot to move even though you are not touching it. This can be pretty satisfying when you are walking home in the freezing cold with nothing to do.
  15. Winter Wonder Lander Part 1

    With this wonderful weather comes wonderful roads. From driving, it can be a very dangerous with the coefficient of friction much smaller making roads very slippery. Thinking about our previous unit with rotational and transnational motion it can relate a lot with a car in the snow. When starting up the tires often spin when very slick out causing for more rotational movement rather then the wanted transnational. And then as you get going you begin to build more transnational rather than rotational. So for every one out there driving be careful!!!