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  1. A turbo system in a car is a pretty simple but genius idea. It uses the gas exhaust from a piston engine to spin the turbine in the turbo system which then pumps more air into the cylinders of the car, allowing the car to burn more fuel each second. As a result of a turbo system, your car will burn more gas but because of this the turbo will provide the car with more power due to the increased revolutions of the pistons. By installing a turbo in your car you will be able to increase your cars over all speed. But without an anti lag system in your car there will a turbo lag meaning that when you press on the accelerator it will take a few seconds before you feel the full effect of the turbo.
  2. So on the back of super cars you often find a spoiler. As a kid I always thought that a spoiler was just to make the car look cool but in fact it does serve many purposes depending on the positioning and type of spoiler used. One use of a spoiler is to push the air around behind the car as the car pushes through the air this reduces the drag force on the car. This application of the spoiler can improve gas mileage. Another reason why spoilers are seen on super cars is because when traveling a very high rates of speed it is often very difficult to control the car. By adding the right type of spoiler it can use the air that you are traveling through to push the back end of the car down, creating more downward pressure, this is know as counter lifting. This gives the car more grip that allows the car to have more power and control thus increasing performance. The car below is the mclaren p1, this is a car that makes use of a spoiler in order to keep it on the track and increase performance.
  3. So as we all know there is no gravity in space so, what would happen when you want to wring out a wet towel there? I fond this question very interesting when talking with friends so I thought I would take a deeper look into it. When you have a very wet towel and go to wring it out, the water is not just going to fall off like it does on earth. Instead because of the waters surface tension and lack of gravity in space, the water will float around the surface of the towel forming a tube shape around it. The water will stay like this until further actions are taken. I found this very interesting because you don't think of gravity effecting such small actions like wringing out a wet object until it is no longer present. After looking at this it would be cool to see how they get the water out of something super wet in space since you cannot just wring it out. The video below shows what happens when you try to wring out a towel in space.
  4. What an incredibly skilled athlete!
  5. So recently I had knee surgery, about four months ago on my right knee. Everything was going well and good until a few days ago. Come to find out I messed up my knee again but wait there's more, this time it was both of them. My right one definitely has another tear in the meniscus and the surgery is scheduled. But, the left knee, however, we were unsure of so i had to get a MRI done. During this I was curious to see how it worked but come to my amazement so was the guy operating it. Despite this I decided to research how it worked. I found out that an MRI machine is just a strong magnetic field ranging from .5-1.5 Tesla. An MRI machine uses this magnetic field to arrange hydrogen atoms in the body along the axis of the machine. once this is done the nuclei produce their own magnetic field that can be detected by a scanner and then form an image. I thought that this was really cool and the person to come up with an invention of this sort must have been absolutely brilliant. From this machine I hope that it gives me some good news so that I don't need three knee surgeries in a years time frame.
  6. How many IQ point do you think the ball knocked out of you??
  7. A human body has the ability to release a huge amount of strength through its muscles. The reason that a person is unable to unlock all of this strength at any given time is so that muscles do not get strained or torn in the process. This is a cool safety feature of the body so that people do not over exert themselves and end up crashing. In order to produce large amounts of strength it takes a lot of energy and using muscles to their max for a long period of time can be very harmful to the body. However, in some cases when on an adrenaline rush people are able to tap into this strength in order to do things that seem to be humanly impossible. There have been incidents were people have lifted cars or moved heavy objects in order to save or do something. This shows just goes to shows how powerful the human body is.
  8. So I recently came a crossed an article that said drinking warm liquids on hot days will actually cool you down faster than a cold drink. I found this really strange because I would have thought that a nice and cold refreshing drink would cool you down,however, like normal I was wrong. I thought that was really interesting so i decided to look into it. I found out that this is actually true. When drinking a hot liquid on a hot day it will cause you to sweat more than than usual, cooling you down. This is cool because with sweat being a natural cool down for the body it is cool how you can manipulate your body temperature so that you can do it more. Drinking a warm drink consistently allows you to produce about a 100 ml more sweat than if you were to drink a cold drink(A warm drink being 50 degrees Celsius and a cool drink being about 1.5 degrees Celsius) So if it a hot day and really want to cool down i suggest that you go grab some nice and hot tea even though a cold glass of water would sound better (which I will probably still drink on a hot day)
  9. It's a good thing you found the right amount of time to cook those noodles!
  10. I love being able to eat waffles because you get so much flavor from all of the surface area!
  11. It's a good thing you can make out the colors on a traffic light!!!
  12. It is better to not get hit in the head but sometimes it just ends up that way. Hockey helmets are designed like most helmets with the ability to absorb most of the energy from impact. The thing that I believe separates a hockey helmet from a standard football helmet is the fact that the top of the line hockey helmet rotates a little around your head without jerking your head in the initial impact. (I don't Know enough about football equipment to speak on behalf of the equipment) However, most injuries that occur to the head are caused from the initial jerk of the head when the brain remains still for a moment while the head moves. As this movement happens it yanks on blood vessels and nerves causing strain on the head and if bad enough an actual brain bleed or a concussion. This is why I wear the top of the line helmet now because previously having a really bad concussion and now I must wear it to prevent future ones. With this helmet no one is safe from every hit but with the ability to rotate a little around your head it gives you a slight edge over other helmets.
  13. Sounds like a wicked concussion. I'll stick to the ones from hockey
  14. When an explosive goes off under water the shock wave carries a lot further than it would if it were on land and in the air. This is cool because water has a higher density than air so this mean that it is harder to move or has higher inertia. And we know that inertia is a measure of how restive something is to acceleration. This means that after the explosion goes off the shock wave from that will carry further through the water with smaller deceleration. From this we know that this shock wave will be carried without losing speed and keeping it's high kinetic energy. As a result of this if you are anywhere near an explosion in the water you will be feeling most of the energy from the explosion. This energy from the explosion depending on the size could have enough energy to shatter every bone in your body. I would suggest getting out of the water if you were in this situation but, chances are you would be to late.
  15. That's a really cool idea to keep kids safe playing a sport they love.