The Big Day

You’re all set for the big day… what are some last-minute things you can do to prepare?

First, check out this great flashcard formula review site!

Second, be confident. Get a good night’s sleep on Sunday, and take time to get a good breakfast and perhaps a snack or light lunch before heading into your test.

Arrive to the testing site plenty early. Make sure you have a few pencils (non-mechanical #2) and pens with you, your calculator has fresh batteries, and you’ve taken care of all personal “business” in advance. No phones, iPods, etc. — these should all be off and preferably nowhere near your person.

Walk into that room knowing you’ve done your best, and dive in to the test like we’ve been practicing all year. And remember, these are tough exams — you are bound to encounter a significant number of questions that give are difficult. Do your best, guess on the ones you don’t know (eliminate any choices you can first), and on the free response, don’t give up just because you come to a section of question that stumps you — get every point you can.

I’m proud of you and confident Monday will be a success. Make it a great day!

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