The AP Physics C Companion - Mechanics

AP Physics C Companion: Mechanics


The AP* Physics C Companion - Mechanics is an easy-to-read companion to the AP Physics C: Mechanics curriculum, featuring 350 sample problems with fully worked-out solutions. The AP Physics C Companion: Mechanics covers all major topics of the AP Physics C Mechanics course, including fundamentals of calculus, kinematics, dynamics, work, energy, momentum, rotation, oscillations, and gravity.

The AP Physics C Companion is not a textbook replacement nor is it a strict test-prep guide. It is a short, sweet roadmap to calculus-based physics courses such as AP Physics C: Mechanics and University Physics I, invaluable not just during test prep time, but throughout the entire course. The book lays out basic physics principles as quickly and clearly as possible, then demonstrates their application with hundreds of example problems solved in detail.

Written by a physics teacher, The AP Physics C Companion correlates directly with the website, where you will find free video mini-lessons explaining fundamental concepts, detailed study guides, a question and answer discussion board, and most importantly, a meeting place where you can interact with other students from around the world.


Black & White Print Edition: ISBN 978-0-9907243-4-6

Paperback, 8.5"x11"x.526", 1.3 lbs., 250 pages

Color Print Edition: ISBN 978-0-9907243-5-3

Paperback,8.5"x11"x.679", 1.74 lbs., 250 pages



Testimonials for The AP Physics C Companion

  • "The author has a knack for explaining difficult topics. This book is fantastic for learning AP Physics C." -- Bob, Physics Teacher
  • "This book is so well written and easily explained... I felt like I was an elementary school student again." -- Christina, Physics Student
  • "The problem sets are perfect for helping students learn." -- Matthew, Physics Teacher
  • "This book delivers physics concepts in most lucid and entertaining ways." -- Arunhaba, Parent
  • "I can throw it at my sister." -- Samantha, age 4
  • "Read it cover to cover, loved it, and every one of my AP Physics C students will be required to purchase it. This is a must-get for every physics teacher and student!" -- Robert, Physics Teacher


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Both black and white as well as full color editions available from major booksellers such as and Barnes & Noble.

Volume discounts available -- contact for more information (585-943-9449).

Ebooks available through EdTech.

Publication date: February 15, 2017




AP Physics C Companion - Mechanics

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