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  1. I've always wondered about black holes. In the area of one, gravity prevents anything -even light- from escaping it.


    How does something like this exist? Well, when gigantic stars collapse at the end of their 'life' black holes can form. Because the object is so dense, it sort of bends space and it's gravity attracts things close to it. The closer to a black hole, the more space-time is deformed. Theoretically, if someone could survive going to a black hole, while they get closer and time seems normal to them, anybody that could observe this happening would see the person slowing down considerably, possibly even looking as if they aren't moving (if you could see them at all.) Black holes are able to grow larger by taking in many stars and maybe even other black holes. When this happens, they are called supermassive black holes. There are 4 sizes of black holes. From smallest to largest: micro black hole, stellar black hole, intermediate-mass black hole, and supermassive black hole.

    White holes, on the other hand, are only hypothetical. They are the opposite of black holes. They wouldn't be able to be entered from outside of it. However, light and matter could come out of it. This would essentially be like a worm hole if on the other side there was a black hole or entrance of some sort.

  2. rrand14
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    Well, this has been one year that I will never forget.

    At first i was really nervous to start physics, not knowing what to expect, if i could handle it or if it would just go over my head.

    Im not a huge math person but i have always enjoyed science and having a better understanding of the world around us. Luckily, this class became the perfect fit for me.

    Regents Physics quickly opened my eyes to a new world where EVERYTHING has an explanation and most things you cant understand on the first try.

    This class has taught me skills i can use in the future, from taking responsibility for my work, working in a group, studying and asking questions to better my understanding.

    Mr. Fullerton has been so incredibly helpful the whole year. I never felt uneasy having to ask lots of questions. He treated me as an adult and allowed me to learn my own lessons. He shaped me into a person that i am happy to be. After i studied really hard for the midterm and still felt discouraged about my performance, Mr. Fullerton gave me a call to tell me that i passed and how proud he was of me. It really brought up my confidence in this class and excited me for the second half of the year. His constant support and motivation are super helpful in a class like this. Also, his access to review tools and organization allow anyone to understand. Plus his books are awesome!

    My favorite project of the year was the Ipod Speakers. This is mainly because i learned so much about how sound waves work and it challenged me to push myself and not give up if i didnt understand right away.

    I am also glad that my eyes were open to the origins of the universe in video format, its quite entertaining.

    I am so glad that i had the confidence to make it through the year, to meet new people and to discover a new understanding of myself. Thank you for the lessons and for the memories. Good luck on finals!

    :ass: (Sorry Mr. Fullerton, i had to.)

  3. gcaso
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    Have you ever been in the car sitting at a red light and you know the person next to you wants to get in the same lane as you? If you are a nice person you may slowly accelerate and let them in ahead of you, but like a lot of drivers will accelerate just as fast (if not faster) and try to eiether keep them in their own lane, or get past them so that they enter the lane behind you.

    This situation I have just prefaced you with is, essentially drag racing. However, there are many other components to drag racing than just a quick acceleration, experienced drag racers will use a wide range of strategies to gain the edge over their opponents (on a closed track, of course!)

    The first thing that racers usually upgrade or modify, are the tires of their cars. Stock tires have a tread on them, the more tread there is, the less surface area there is. This results in less grip which can slow cars down by a couple of hundreths of a second, enough to lose a race and frustrate any racer.


    This is a drag racing tire known in the racing world as a "slick"

    Another major component also comes from the tires. You may think a burnout is just unnecessary wheelspin, but actually what the racer is doing is heating the tires up. This makes the tire softer by nature and it conforms to the track a lot better, again giving the racer more grip.

    Another common misconception of drag racing is the function of the spoiler. No, no it does not try to make the car fly, nor does it just look pretty. Well, some do just look pretty and aren't very efficent, but thats not important at this point. The fact is, is that spoilers are placed in the rear of the car. They are angled so that in some way, it pushes the air going through it, from the bottom to the top. The air pushes against the spoiler with a force, n. Some of this force is then directed directly down and more pressure is pushed onto the tires, forcing more grip action.


    Have you noticed a trend here? I have, Drag Racing is all about the grip of your tires!

    Here's a little something to satisfy the inner speed demon. (Mustangs are better!!)

  4. 1.) Don't catch senioritis too early

    2.) Don't wait til last minute to do your blogs

    3.) Watch the videos on Aplusphysics.com

    4.) The book is your friend

    5.) Try on the four minute drills

    6.) Look at notes from AP-B

    7.) Find a friend who knows what they're doing


    8.) Teach your friends what to do

    9.) Stay ahead on independent units

    10.) Don't freak out and have fun

  5. A car is the main thing people use to get around. But people usually just get in and go, and then hit the brake either at a stop sign or a stop light. Then they hit the gas when that person is able to go. But driving a car has a lot more than just hitting the gas and brake. There is a lot of factors that have to deal with physics involved.

    First, there is many forces acting on a car when it is at rest and when it is moving. Some of those forces are the normal force, which is the car itself. Also, there is a force of friction when the tires are in contact with the ground. Then the force of the ground acting back on the car. Next, once you hit the gas and get going you start to have a velocity. The Faster that you go the more your velocity will pick up, and once you start going the same speed you velocity will start to level out to a constant speed. Lastly, there is momentum when driving. When you have a bigger momentum, it will take longer for you to stop and likewise for a smaller momentum. To find these things you can do your own time trails. and then your reference table and plug in the numbers to solve it.

  6. ericaplukas
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    As summer is so close to us, many of us go to amusement parks. Seabreeze is right around the corner from us and as you know, the Jack Rabbit is one of the oldest roller coasters! As i day dream about being on the coaster instead of studying for physics, i cant help but think of the physics that have to do with a roller coaster.

    There is much to think about when one thinks of a roller coaster! The mass of the cart and the people inside of it play a major role in understanding the concept of force. Force= mass X acceleration and the mass a person usually tries to find consists of the people as well as the cart.

    Another factor in thinking about a roller coaster and physics is the energy that the cart uses when traveling up and down the hills in the track. Two type of energy are used, potential energy and kinetic energy. As the coaster gets higher in the air, gravity can pull it down a greater distance, this is the potential energy increasing.he potential energy you build going up the hill can be released as kinetic energy..the energy of motion that takes you down the hill. Once you start cruising down that first hill, gravity takes over and all the built up potential e­nergy converts to kinetic energy. Gravity applies a constant downward force on the carts causing the switch in energies.

    Physics can also be fun!! Enjoy summer and think about the physics in everything you're doing!! =]

  7. When your driving a car physics is involved. If you had a blow horn and blew it out the window while you were driving and someone was standing outside of the car and as the car drove away the frequency would decrease compared to the frequency and amplitude would be the same way as frequency it would be higher as your closer and lower as your farther away or as the object goes farther away. The wave created from the blowhorn would be sound wave which is considered longitudinal wave. Also another part of physics that is connected to a driving a car is kinematic equations as well as ramp inclines depending of the car is going up or down hill

  8. There is a lot of physics involved in the game of bowling. Potential energy is one component of physics that is involved in bowling. Depending on the height from where the bowler releases the ball, the ball has some potential energy. Bowlers who bowl straight balls have to make sure that the ball stays as close to the lane as possible upon release because, if the bowler bowls a straight ball the potential energy will not affect the game a lot but it will draw attention to the bowler when they drop the ball very high for others to laugh at.

    Bowlers who bowl with a hook ball are more at risk than straight ball bowlers. The more potential energy the ball has upon release, the longer it will bounce as it travels down the lane. This makes the ball less likely to catch friction in the lane.

  9. Physics is used in many movies! Movies are something that I constantly watch in my life. A movie that is one of my favorites is Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory! Physics is constantly used in this movie when Augustus the fat German kid starts to drink the chocolate fountain and then gets sucked in the chocolate machine. If you watch the rest of the video you can see the physics in the movie!

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    Hi I'm Lucy and I keep track of the amount of treats I eat with my Ti calculator


  10. joshdeutsch
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    I watched Interstellar the other day and was surprised by the amount of theoretical physics there were. One part of the movie they mentioned magnetic fields, which are real physics, but i thought it was cool that they incorporated that into the movie to show the message. Allow we can't just change magnet fields with the push of a book none the less cool idea. Now we will get into the theoretics. The astronauts in the movie didn't experience time travel but did go through a black hole that had it's own time spand due to being in another universe. This connected to the idea that time travel could possibly be harnessed. Weird ending but physics theoretical and real were present so that was cool.

  11. This ones going to be a throw back to the beginning of first-person-shooters online. Doom, the game where you stop the forces from hell taking over the earth (or if you're a stickler it's Doom 3 and you close the gate to Hell on Mars.) and you are the only guy ( Doom Guy, heh, bad pun sorry) to complete the task....or if you want to play the older games with a friend and then have it turn into an all out brawl with your fists. With this i'm ignoring the everything else that has to do with the physics because most things like floating eyes that spit fire and a portal to Hell on Mars can possibly be explained, i'm focusing on how the heck Doom Guy can carry nine different guns. This guy carries around shotguns, a pistol, a rocket launcher,the BFG and a chainsaw. Yes he can be strong enough to carry but where does he put them when he isn't using them, let alone all the ammo for it. I would have a video for this one but man is the game as bloody and gory as it can possibly be for it's time, instead have a picture.


    Also, who's excited for Doom 4?

  12. mandy
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    Today in our lab we had a cylinder of water and some tuning forks and my group figured out a cool thing. When we struck the tuning forks and placed them in the water, the water splashed and made some waves. The tuning forks with lower frequencies didn't make those waves because they didn't have enough amplitude to move the water. The thicker and longer the tuning fork was the bigger the waves. The water splashed onto the cylinder of water and was quite amusing to me and my other group members. The sound waves from the tuning fork made a vibration and amused us by the splashing water. Although the lab was fun, that part was even more fun.

    Another thing that happened today that created waves was when I hit the rubber stopper against the plastic tube. The sound varied with the material I used to hit the tube. When I hit it with the rubber stopper, the noise was quieter compared to when I hit it with the wooden part of the pencil. The different frequencies changed the sound that we heard when I hit the tube.

  13. A slinky is an extremely fun toy if you are 3 years old, or even 73 years old! The way it transfers energy back and forth throughout it is very similar to a wave. A wave can either be longitudinal or transverse, but in this case, a slinky is like a longitudinal wave. It bunches up at some points, but then expands out with different distances between each metal ring. Waves are found in every day life such as jump rope as well. As you spin the rope constantly around, it represents half of a wave. If you were to play the "Jumping over the rope game" as we used to call it in the olden days, waves are traveling through that rope even more. As you get a steady pace on the rope, more waves are in it. If we wanted to find the speed of the rope, you could use the equation v=fh( h=wave length). You would measure the rope and then calculate how long it is and how long it would take for the wave to hit the crest 10 times. This would give you the frequency and wave length of the wave. Waves are every where and can be tons of fun!

  14. Ryanz18
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    My dear friend Joe went through a tough time in his life. He once fell in love with a girl on Facebook who was not real. Thoughout this time physics was displayed in many ways. As he found out that this person was not the person he believed was to be, he started to cry. As the tears ran down his face friction slowed them down before they entered the pool that was below from his tears. Friction played a big part as his face turn red. As he got more angry he threw the bear he bought for her. As the bear was airborn, friction slowed it down from the original speed it was released at. As the momentum grew the force behind it hit the wall. Due to the large amounts of force there was a hole in the wall. Causing Joe to get even more angry and cry more. So as you can see physics has been shown in Joes catfish days.


  15. jazmine2497
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    Light is invisible until it bounces of something. Light has to go through a medium such as air first, this is known as diffuse reflection. cool fact is visible light is usually defined as having a wave length in a range of 400 to 700 nanometers. also, if you put a straw in a cup with a liquid, refraction occurs. the straw appears bent.

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  17. I've been reading some of the seniors final blog posts in physics and I decided to be moved by the same wave. I didn't face any new challenges. I struggled to be consistent because I'm not the best at time or mental management. I lose track of relatively large amounts of time easily. Through the ups and downs I learned well from the master Fullerton. I too now am one master yet I feel slighted. ALL of the physics in star wars is fake... not fake but impossible in my lifetime so I learned what I already expected to be true in such depth I'm happily confused now rather than how I was mischievously curious about Physics and all that it entailed. I'm glad I spent the time in class to learn from kinematics to modern physics. Being in class turned out to be entertaining and mentally fulfilling. i've come to the conclusion that Physics isn't studied for the sake of knowing and understanding it because it seems to me, there is no end. One cannot simply understand physics further than what we understand now. I honestly believe Physics is studied to enhance ones ability to think. I think Physics is the gateway to transform thinking from being a scalar quantity to being a vector, strong, focused and intentional to derive something specific in another facet possibly. Taking Physics has allowed me to grow in a way immeasurable by me at the moment and I respect Physics. I enjoyed the class and that's all that matters besides me gaining the minute understanding I have gained. To say the least, if I could bend time I probably couldn't make myself do anything differently but if I COULD I would enjoy it more. I'll encourage my underlings to take the course too!

    Farewell Physicists!

  18. There are many different types of waves. Mechanical Waves, Sound Waves, Electromagnetic Waves and even waves people get in their hair. Today I am here to discuss the term wavy in context of style and fashion. Coming from Urban Dictionary wavy can be defined as the new futuristic way of describing something in a positive connotation, popularized by rapper Max B. Another definition for wavy is the highest level of smooth/cool/swagger. For those who don't already I know I am known around I-town as the "wavy boy". I brought this name to myself because I feel that I am "wavy". I take pride in the way I dress and I like passion. I could go on and on about the term "wavy" but I am going to end it here. Thank you for time and stay tuned for more!


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    vi= 0 m/s

    vf= 177 mph

    d= ¼ mile

    t= 7.99 sec

    m= 3,284 lbs

    Conversions: = 402.4 meters

    [ATTACH=CONFIG]83[/ATTACH]= 402.4 meters

    [ATTACH=CONFIG]84[/ATTACH] = 79.1 m/s

    [ATTACH=CONFIG]85[/ATTACH]= 1,489.6 kg


    vi= 0

    vf= 79.1 m/s

    a= ?

    d= 402.4 m

    t= 7.99 s


    Force: Fn=ma => Fn= (1,489.6kg)(9.9 m/s^2) => Fn= 14,747 N

    Work: W= Fnd => W= (14,747 N)(402.4 m) => W= 5,934,192.8 j



    Kinetic energy:

    KE= 1/2mv^2 => KE= ½(1,489.6 kg)(79.1^2 m/s) => KE= 4,660,072.88 j

    The role of friction in this video: the friction from the rubber of the tires spinning on the asphalt creates heat and traction hich creats more grip to help enhance performance.

  20. It's like 10:30 at night and I am so tired and don't want to do this. But since I only have one left (I think) and it's very trivial if I want to pass, I will do it. The only problem is, I don't know what to write about. I could write about how we were wearing power rangers t-shirts. You wore one but so did I, a different color. And so was Moey, and his brother. I have already talked about everything that I do. All I ever do is play hockey and video games because I'm lame, so lets see what else there is.

    Let's talk about circular motion. I have this friend of mine who can be a really good driver sometimes, but when he gets too energetic, can be very wreckless. He likes to drift in parking lots with FEMALES in the car and putting their lives in danger. When drifting your car can hydroplane or just lose traction on your back tires, and then you begin to spin. When I last drifted (yes, it has happened multiple times. Sometimes on purpose some) we flew around a pole in a parking lot in a circular motion. Since we were spinning in a circle, the centripetal force will always be pointing to the center or in this case the pole. Also if we were to lose traction of the front tires too, our velocity would continue tangent to the circle. So if your friend ever decides to drift, or you egg him on by saying things like "you won't push 80 on this main road", just know that your velocity will go tangent to the circle.

    That's all I got for y'all now I'll be back next quarter to do 5 in one sitting, last minute. Goodbye

  21. Basketball also has plenty of physics as well. You have plenty of force from when you block someone sends a shot into the stands or dunk on someone. Also their is force from when you dribble the basketball that is how physics is incorporated into basketball.

  22. Santa Claus is REAL!!!

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    Well the Super Bowl was last weekend and seeing as we are doing Electricity and magnetism now, it got me thinking about how much electricity is used during the super bowl. So I looked around a bit and found out that the TVs used by the people watching the game use 11,309,607 kWh, which is 4.07 * 10^13 J. Now that is enough energy to get a 648919 kg object to escape velocity of 11200 m/s . And that is just the viewers living in the United States so it could be much more. Just think of what all that energy could be used for.

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