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The Physics of Consciousness



First let me warn you that I'm barely scratching at the surface of consciousness and the scientists still have a lot to learn. When you search this there seems to be two theories one that consciousness is similar to computers the other that consciousness revolves around the unity of different worlds and the reality as we see it is only an illusion. If you want to see a short clip of the physics of consciousness you can watch this:

This only tells part of they story and other you tube videos can go on for a couple hours trying to explain consciousness. But one of the main points it brings up is that there is more in this world than by our human senses we can detect. Our bodies are made up of several worlds the one we see and can comprehend, the world of our cells and even smaller the world of the atoms that make up us. The world is made up of waves and somehow the world of intentions can change what goes on.

One of the experiments that proved how your thoughts can change the way something turns out is an experimental machine that randomly generates coins of either 1's or 0's. They would tell people to try to count more ones than zeros and according to their results the number they thought about whether it was more ones than zeros or whatever would relate to the number of coins that the coin generator would produce.

Another thing they talked about was how their is more than enough energy in the vacuum of space to produce universes. Yet we can't see anything but the vacuum can't be empty because of the continuation of stars being created out of seemingly nothing and the possibility that electrons can be both here and there and nowhere at the same time. Like Mr. Fullerton's cat in the box experimental theory he got from some other scientist trying to explain Quantum Physics. You would theoretically put a cat in the box with a capsule of cyanide that has a 50 percent chance of going off and killing the cat. Yet you couldn't see the cat or shake the box or the capsule would automatically go off. So you would assume the cat was both dead and alive like how with the double slot experiment with electrons you would assume it bounced of the background, went through both slits and also interfered with itself creating the interference pattern. So with the little I know and the information I learned from the video you can learn some interesting facts and concepts about consciousness that you might never have thought about before.

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