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Flash and the Physics of SuperHeroes



blog-0266150001367585550.pngThe Flash is obviously a perfect example for the analysis of superheroes and the physics of their abilities. Let’s begin with a further look into his “super-speed” power. Super speed is essentially the speed of light. According to E=mc2 nothing can travel the speed of light except for light itself because as an object moves toward the speed of light the objects mass and the energy needed go towards infinity. Therefore, The Flash could not move at “super-speed”.

Space shuttles when entering back into earths atmosphere are going about 8,000 m/s, nothing compared to the speed of light. But you have to realize that even at these speeds flash would have to be able to withstand 40,000 times 1650 c. Flash's suit is said to have an aura around it that protect him from these scenarios. But the truth of the matter is the technology isn there yet for someone to be able to survive such extreme conditions.

The thing about flash's power actually being the speed of like and not super speed is that it violats many laws of physics, or does it? according to quantum physics an electron can be at two places at once for a very short amount of time, is that what might be making flash appear in a different area so fast? maybe you are seeing flash being in a different place in a frequent line of motion? I probably sound like an idiot trying to explain what im thinkin right now cause it probably sounds really stupid but in physics there really is endless possibilities to explain things.


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