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Lacrosse is a contact sport in which players use cradle and pass the ball to score. Players can use their bodies to check or delay other players on the field. Also, players can “check” other players’ sticks with their own sticks in order to loosen the ball from the stick’s pocket. I play attack so the sole goal of my playing is to shoot and score.

The top arm exerts a pushing force on the shaft, the bottom arm a pulling force, creating a type of lever. This forces the head forwards which creates centripetal and the force propells the ball outward. And of course, after the ball finally leaves the stick, there is air friction. Also, the more kinetic energy the throw has, the great distance the ball will trave, especially with a shorter and lighter stick, the ball is much easier thrown.

Lastly, when we lose possession or I am forced to play defense, when I hit an opponent, the force that I use will be equivalent to the force she applies to me.


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 nice job, seems like you really got this concept down.  Physics really is demonstrated in Lacrosse like wow! YAY CAITLIN!

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