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Physics of Assassin's Creed



blog-0052369001367878901.gifIn the game Assassin's Creed (1, Revelations, 2, Brotherhood, and 3) your objective is to jump, climb, and leap over and off of buildings, through crowds, in and out of carts. You do all this to assassinate people or discover things that help along the way. And the one famous tool that every assassin has is the hidden blade that allows for stealthy kills and quick blocks in a fight. The physics of this game is the angle that you leap off of buildings depending on the distance of the hay bales of the speed of an enemy walking by. Also the set-up of the hidden blade and how it works. This game involves a lot of momentum with a lot aspects of the game.

In this game you jump from roof to roof,you need to have the right amount of momentum and angle or you don't make it and hurt yourself. Throughout the game depending the era of the game you play you are either leap on the tops of village buildings or through trees. Either way you do it you need the right angle, plus the right momentum to go in the right direction and be able to land the jump smoothly. If you have your character go the wrong direction you could either land hard, hurt yourself or desyncronized, or land in the water (depending on the era of the game) and get desyncronized.

Also in this game like I brought up before there is the famous hidden blade that uses both spring and momentum to propel the blade out and back into the sheath. The momentum part of the blade is when you flick the blade out with the momentum in your arm and wrist. The spring part is when you retract it back into the sheath. Or it can be a pully and lock system like the one below.


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