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Physics of AP Physics C



Ok, I'm going to be honest... I am waiting for my hair to dry before I go to bed, and I have nothing better to do than to do a blog post. This might take a while.

Well, in the meantime, since this was the last day of real physics c, I decided to say the top ten tings I have learned from taking this course (fyi, they are in no specific order, only in the order they pop into my wet head)

1. Rotational kinematics/energy/momentum/ everything is without a doubt the coolest subject in the course. Not that I'm biased.

2. E&M is the most evil thing in the world

3. Maxwell's Equations are the best thing in the world of E&M and the only reason why I (sort of) understand E&M

4. Drag Force is definitely the hardest thing you learn in the entire course, and once you finish the course you realize it isn't that hard in the first place

5. Calculus is your saving grace- if you know calculus, it will make the course 10000000X easier.

6. Don't underestimate the book. Even when the words don't make sense (they never do), do the sample problems and they will go a long way.

7. No one is as good at physics as Mr. Muffin Man. Don't bother trying, you will lose. (If I have the screen name wrong let me know and I will fix it)

8. Walter Lewin makes the best dotted lines. Don't deny it, it's true.

9.Batman is the coolest way to apply physics.

10. The right hand rule is unteachable to me. I have had two teachers, several friends, and multiple books attempt to teach it to me, and its no use. It's a lost cause.

Well, that's my top ten. I hope you guys can learn something from it! ( To all future physics c students: see #3. There is hope.To all future professors: see #10. There is no hope)

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