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Pump up the Energy!



blog-0646487001368729559.jpgDo you ever just feel out of energy? But at the same time you want to work out? Ladies, it's time to motivate ourselves...summer is around the corner! So get off the couch, put the potato chips down and indulge in the physics behind working out and how "energy" is a misinterpretted excuse- trust me you have plenty of it!

5-Hour-Bottle.pngYou see 5 hour energy drinks are actually falsely advertised. The company claims that you're body will never crash hours after drinking the solution....well they're wrong. Research has proven that the sugar content in these drinks and the chemicals in the drink give you a false sense of energy and actually cause your body to trick itself into thinking you have more energy. These sugars actually cause your body to decline at a faster rate in regards to energy.

So moral of the story, don't drink these drinks, they are extremely bad for you!

In terms of physics, energy actually is power which may be translated into motion, overcoming resistance, or effecting physical change; the ability to do work.

This defention may be interpreted by the equation Et= PE+KE+Q. Et stands for Total energy which equals Potential energy (stored energy) and Kinetic Energy (energy in motion) and Q (internal energy). The conservation of energy law states that energy is neither created nor destroyed. So all of those sport drinks and energy drinks aren't actually giving you energy!!! Funny how that works huh? So next time, try a healthier ulternative- see physics solves everyday life problems!

For more information on how energy works and is related to physics check this cool youtube video out!


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