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Christina H.


Many people dont realize that there is more to boxing than just hitting someone and trying to knock them out. Physics applies to most of boxing! Energy, momentum, work, power, and velocity all play an important role in throwing a punch during boxing.

Before the boxer punches his target he has potential energy which is stored energy,as soon as the boxer punches his target his or her potential energy becomes kinetic energy. Kinetic energy is the energy that a body possesses by virtue of being in motion. The higher the kinetic energy is the harder the punch will be. The equation for kinetic energy is KE= 1/2mv^2. Not only does kinetic energy occur with every punch but so does momentum. Just like kinetic energy the mass and velocity of teh boxer determines the momentum. The equation for momentum is p=mv. There are ways that boxer's can stop momentum, they can do this by using work. The equation for work is W=fd; work equals force times displacement. The physics term of power comes into play beause the boxer than applies the most force applies the most damage to the opposing boxer. The equation of power is P=W/t; power equals work over time. Speed or otherwise known as velocity plays an important role in boxing because it decreases the time of the punch. The equation for velocity is v=d/t; velocity equals displacement over time. the higher the velocity is the higher the acceleration will be, which means your punch will be harder.

Not many people would think that a single punch could be related to physics, but it can! Check this video out it explains more about the physics of boxing! Hope you enjoy! :D



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I thought that the sense of gravity changing for the boxer that was punched was fascinating I didn't know it gravity played an important role in boxing except for falling.

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