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The Physics Behind The Incredible Hulk



Welcome back to another blog on superheroes with me, LilBretz! Today's topic will be The Incredible Hulk and the physics behind this "enormous green rage monster." Now, many of you know the basics behind The Hulk; he gets angry and he "Hulks out." But what exactly makes Dr. Bruce Banner turn into The Hulk?

Well, while working in the lab, as usual for Bruce, he was hit by a gamma bomb that was emitting gamma radiation. This is usually something extremely bad and results in extrermely bad things. But somehow, Bruce was saved and transformed into The Hulk. But just because he lived, doesn't mean living wasn't easy for him. But what exactly makes him transform?


Most know the question to that answer, when Bruce gets angry. But is it the actual emotion of anger that sets him off? Or what I've thought is that when he gets angry, neurons in his brain fire up and trigger chemical reactions in his brain that shoot down his spinal cord and somehow bring out the effects of the gamma radiation. I figure this because all emotions start with our brain and the signals it sends out to the rest of the body.

And one more question; how can Dr. Bruce Banner stay calm?

And here's a little something you guys. Hope you enjoy :D

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