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Physics of Tubing



Now that the nice weather is here I thought it would be appropraite to talk about my favorite summer activity, tubing on the lake! The best part of tubing is when your holding on for dear life and are going so fast the water splashes everywhere and then you take a big jump off a huge wave! But beyond just having fun there is a lot of physics involved.

First, momentum is a huge part of tubing. Momentum is the product of an objects mass (me) times its velocity. This explains why I have so much more momentum than my little cousin does. Also, work is involved in tubing because my boat has to place a force on me in order for the tube to go anywhere, otherwise I would be sitting still in the lake.

But, the most important physics involved in tubing is kinematic equations. my inital velocity, final velocity, displacement, acceleration and time all are involved and rely on each other for me to be able to tube!

So next time your tubing on Lake Ontario remember how much phyics is involved.

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