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More Ghost Hunting Physics!



While watching another episode of Ghost Adventures today, I noticed that they had an interesting camera that they were using. It is called a full spectrum camera, meaning that it captures all of the light waves known to exist visible to humans, or not. Or so most people would think. In doing a little research, I found that theses models of camera only capture Ultraviolet Rays and Infrared Rays. By using this camera, they hope to be able to capture what they call an "unexplained apparation" of a ghost. They believe this to be similar to the shape and size of a normal human being.


To understand how the camera works, we need to understand how a normal camera works. Inside of all of your digital camera's (or phones) there is a sensor that picks up the image from the lens of the camera. This is exactly what is happening inside of the Full Spectrum Camera, except it has been modified (tinkered with) slightly so that it becomes more sensitive to Ultraviolet and Infrared light waves. Regular cameras can already pick up infrared light, but Ultraviolet light still will not be seen on a camera screen unless you modify it to be picked up by the sensor.

The guy on the right explains how the camera works. The evidence they capture is the purple mist figure on the couch. Hence the title.

blogentry-557-0-91171900-1368851058_thum This is one of many models of a full spectrum camera, as you can see it looks no different from a video camera that we see today.


I can't explain why they think that a ghost will be better seen in other light waves, and I am a little dissapointed that they call the camera a full spectrum camera, because in reality it only sees 3 light waves. Visable, Infrared, and Ultraviolet


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I'm so surprised that so much physics goes into ghost hunting. I used to love whating ghost hunters, now I will never look at them the same.

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