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Would you Rather....



Would you rather.... get stepped on by an elephant? or get shot with a staple gun?

Most definately, be stepped on by an elephant.

You're probably saying to yourself; WHAT? I DONT WANT AN ELEPHANT STEPPING ON ME?! but trust me, you do.

To find the pressure of one object onto another, you have to use the equation FORCE/AREA or F/A.

So, if we have a 7000 Kg elephant stepping with a force of 68670 Newtons onto your hand, (F=mA) and the area of its foot is 0.18m^2, the amount of pressure would only be 382500p

That may seem like a lot, but not compared to a staple gun, because its acceleration is much much higher, would have a greater force, and a smaller area, therefore making it extremely painful.

This is why i don't play would you rather. :nurse:


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