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second to last blog post ever, and this time it was very challenging coming up with a topic to relate to physics. After a lot of thought i choose to write about swimming in this blog post since the weather is heating up and more people are opening their pools and going to the beach.

In order for swimmers to maximize their speed, they need to minimize their surface area as much as possible while traveling through the water. Swimmers continually look smaller because the bigger the swimmer the slower they will move through the water, unlike a smaller person who will move more swiftly through the water. The larger the surface the greater the resistance, the smaller the surface area the less resistance will be produced. Why do swimmers wear hydrodynamic swimsuits? Well, hydrodynamic swimsuits are designed to fit close to the body inorder for the velocity to increase, also these swimsuits accomdate for the water movements along the curves of the body. Also, swimmers wear swim caps to reduce the amount of drag on the surface of the head. Buoyancy also plays a crucial part in swimming which also relates to physics as well. Buoyancy is the net upward force which acts on the swimmer because as the depth of the water increases, so does pressure. Meaning that the pressure beneath the swimmer is greater than the pressure above the water. At the surface however there is less resistance because fluid(water) is more resistance than air. Lastly, propulsion is also used as the swimmer is propelled through the water by kicking and lifting their arms in and out of the water. The greater the flexion in the ankle and the knee joints gives swimmers a greater propulsion because of the greater of motion. Without the kicking of the legs and using the arms as levers to properl the swimmer the swimmer would not be able to travel at a large velocity. Although there is alot more physics in swimming these are just some concepts that i feel are important and even a little interesting!


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wow what a great topic to write about! i will keep this is mind next time i go swimming, thank you so much for enlightening me on another interesting topic once again!

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