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physics of a bed



This is where everybody goes after their day. It is supposed to be comfortable so people can relax after a long day of whatever they were doing. A bed can be the difference between being tired or rested for the next day.4

The bed has many forces that work on it at one time. There is the normal force that is acting on a bed, is the bed itself. A force of friction that happens on a bed is when your sheets move, this can cause friction. The force due to gravity is yourself plus the bed. You can also find the force on a spring inside the bed with the formula of, the spring constant times the change in the spring length. Also, you can find the potential energy stored in one of those springs is not that hard to find. This can be found by the change in the spring length squared multiplied by spring constant divided by two. this could be something interesting to find because these numbers could vary to where the person is lying.


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