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Frolicking Frenzy



If you have ever watched me walk down the hallway or walk through gym class or even walk down the street you would notice that I don't walk as much as I frolic. Now some people would call this weird, but I consider it as more exercise and a more fun way to get to places that I need to go. Now tonight on the radio i heard that there is a new fad for exercising called prancercising i believe. This is when you walk you sort of dance instead. I refuse to believe that this idea came from anywhere else than watching your's truly stroll down the street.

The switch from potential to kinetic energy is present in all walking however it expands when frolicking. With this greater burst in energy being produced, it is obvious that frolicking is more active than walking. It is more of a work out meaning that eventually you will burn more calories from frolicking rather than merely walking.

Frolicking has a higher velocity than walking. This is because while frolicking your adrenaline is pumping and making you want to move faster and more be more creative. With a higher velocity the distance traveled over time is greater! A small walk in between classes is done faster, more efficiently, and with greater fines.

The only thing that should possibly go against frolicking is gravity. Gravity is always bringing me down when i decide to frolic. I tend to jump about when i frolic and gravity makes it much harder. The force that is acting down upon me is greater than my mass. However the force acted upon me by the ground when i land is the same as the force that i am pushing into the ground.

With frolicking also, Newton's 1st law applies. An object at rest will stay at rest and an object in motion will stay in motion unless acted on by an outside force. The outside force for me would be people whom i run into while frolicking, or walls that i may run into. When i frolic i would prefer this law not to be true just so i could continue on forever uninterrupted.

I challenge you now to go ahead and frolic through your last few days of the school year! It's more fun, supplies you with a greater velocity, gives you a better work out against gravity,and it looks a lot cooler than walking! :rolleyes:


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