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Bottle Rocket



blogentry-619-0-11988800-1370044099_thumTo add to the benefits of the Kerbal space program listed in the previous post, it helped us with the bottle rocket mostly in terms of simplicity. Instead of trying to make a giant rocket with parachutes or other complicated things, we decided to go with a simple rocket because we learned the importance of aerodynamics and weight balance through the Kerbal space program. My group realized that all we really needed was the two liter bottle, fins, a nose cone, and some weight on the top of the rocket in order to help it fly straight and keep the center of mass towards the top of the rocket, while the drag force was towards the bottom of the rocket. Even though our rocket wasn't flashy or put together incredibly precisely, it had the basic components to fly for over 5 seconds, which I consider to be a success.


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