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End of Year Reflection



This year has gone fast. It seemed like only yesterday that summer ended and we started our senior year. This senior year has been the best year by far and now that it's almost over it's hard to realize that we're almost done. Physics this year has been a great experience. The independent units were probably my favorite units because I could do everything at my pace which was great until my pace was too slow and I found myself cramming to get everything done the last week. They have been an eye opening experience to how college is going to work because I'll have to set my own pace all the time. And even when we didn't have independent units, Mr. Fullerton taught us, but it was our responsibility to look up in book the stuff we didn't understand the first time or ask him which happened a lot more times this year than any other. Mr Fullerton might of taught us Physics for the exam, but he also taught us what we are going to have to do for college and that is probably the lesson we all will remember in the next few years.


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I agree! Though independent units weren't my favorite, I think they prepared us well for college, too. Three more days! D:

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