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Physics in TV shows



Of all the tv shows we watch, each and every one retains varying levels of accuracy with respect to physics. Here's my personal reflection on the accuracy of some shows I watch:

The Big Bang Theory:

The big bang theory is a hilarious comedy relating to the lives of social awkward phsyicists. We don't have any problems with someone leaping too far out of a window or something blowing up when it shouldn't because... well that stuff doesn't happen in the big bang theory. Noteably, however, is all the physics they talk about. The directors of the show truly put a lot of research into making sure things are accurate. Every single equation you see on white boards in the background are real, and everything they talk about (though I doubt the actors actually do them) are real physics concepts and researches. Funny, and realistic? I think yes!

Myth Busters:

This one is pretty obvious. The whole concept of the show is to use phsyics to disprove or prove common place misconceptions or wives tales. In fact the whole concept of the show is kind of how I'm currently treating all the shows being reviewed. I approve.


Merlin is a show in a magical world about (you guessed it) Merlin, a warlock who is destined to protect the King Arthur. Considering the magical nature of the world they live in, it's hard to say what is or isn't accurate. Physics and magic are concepts that don't mix well. Particularly since magic often seems to create and destroy matter and energy without putting any effort into it--which goes against the most basic and fundamental concepts of physics. So it's truly hard to judge the accuracy of a show like Merlin. But if we disregard the impossibility of magic and still look at the physics, Merlin is actually pretty plausible. It's not too hard to keep it physics-ly plausible, it's pretty easy to stay accurate when you're only worrying about things that can happen in the medieval ages. Overall, with disregard to magic, Merlin gets my approval!


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