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Time Travel




I know, first I talk about teleportation, and now I'm talking about time travel. Alright, I'll admit it, I'm a Whovian. Huge Doctor Who dweeb, so yes, that's where a lot of my inspiration is coming from.

Regardless of my inspiration, it's not really so strange to think about time travel--what would you do if you could travel in time, when would you go? Ancient history? Your history? Eons in the future?

Furthermore, I'd think you a raging liar if you tried to tell me you've never wondered if (or secretly wished that) time travel is possible ever.

This depends entirely on how time works. Really, time is a concept we humans made up to organize our lives. It's an extremely simple label we put on something far more complicated than most of us simpletons can ever hope to truly understands. Even now, I think it'd be a fair assumption to say that no one out there has a 100% clear understanding of how time works.

However, if some theories prove right, then time travel might not be quite as implausible as you think. Theoretically, according to some scientists, a wormhole could be created to allow us to travel into the future or into the history. I found an article which explains this better than I could. Most interesting, I find, is that this article was written in 2008. That's 5 years ago now. With science progressing as exponentially as it is, I find myself wondering how far we could be with the concept of time travel now...



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Time travel is a very interesting (and highly debated) topic in physics.  In the words of the doctor, "brilliant!"

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I think I would time travel and fix up some things in my past. Then maybe we could all achieve perfection, if that is humanly possible since we are born making mistakes.

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I watched a documentary made by Stephen Hawking about time travel and stuff like that. Hawking felt a wormhole to the past would be impossible because background radiation would build up instantaneously at the wormhole and destroy the wormhole.

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