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A Blog Post about Blog Posts



For my final trick, a blog post about blog posts! The assignment of blog posts, 10 a quarter for four quarters, has been a great way to make us think. It seems fitting to reflect on the blog post process itself with this fortieth post. I really think this is a good idea, whenever I sit down to do a post I enjoy the creativity involved, and reflecting on what I've learned makes me appreciate the scope of the class all the more. I definitely recommend that the blog posts remain as an assignment, and I am glad to have had the chance to think about physics on my own and through that process get to know it better.


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Zach, way to get lazy at the very end of you blog posts dude! ;) But I do agree with you, these blogs, even if most of us wait way to late, force us to put physics into new scenarios to gain more extensive knowledge.

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I also agree that the blog posts should remain part of the course but only because I hated doing them and don't want future class to not have to suffer as well.

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Oh Charlie, such a giver.  But true, blog posts definitely help us learn better and aren't too bad of a hassle if you actually stay on top of them, which I was very good at failing to do.

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Haha I agree! The blog posts were a way to explore the realms of physics, whether it be the possibility of reaching temperatures below  0 Kelvin or simply the physics of a toaster :)

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