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Electricity and Music



Electricity and music both are connected not only through electric instruments but through our brain. In the second video it compares the brain to an orchestra and shows how even sitting down relaxed your brain is constantly moving. I also have had EEGs in order to monitor how my brain works during a seizure. Once I got to see a picture of my brain and all the electric currents going to all sorts of areas of my brain. The seizure would start in two different places in my brain then continue seemingly randomly until it ends.

We don't exactly know what causes my seizures but one problem my family has is that our brains always move to fast for us to do anything with a lot of the ideas we have. The first video on the other hand reminds me of my brother and how he was electrocuted at a young age. I wonder if we had any detectors connected to him how fast the frequencies would be going then. I think my favorite part of the video was when you could hear the sound because it added a whole different dimension to how your body can help transfer different frequencies.

With all the sound you could hear from his detector it makes you wonder what happens when you are using your cell phone. What frequencies go through your body? Can this really cause cancer? These questions and so much more are constantly being asked like how does are neurons know how to organize themselves in the brain when no one instructs them where to go. The brain is one thing I can't wait for the scientists to understand better so we can understand the miracles that happen inside us everyday.

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