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More Kerbal Space Program



There's more to the knowledge I've gained from the Kerbal Space Program. First of all I couldn't get the screen shot to work; I guess the F1 key doesn't like me. And yes, I did just use a semi-colon outside of English class. But another very important thing I've learned through the Kerbal Space Program is how to correctly get a lot of power to your rocket. While I previously thought that either putting one engine at the bottom of stack of fuel tanks (the engine doesn't have enough power to lift up that much weight) or that having layer upon layer upon layer of fuel tanks and engines (the rocket becomes too wobbly and essentially combusts) were good ideas, I soon discovered that two separate layers of fuel tanks and engines, one on top of the other, is a great combination since it makes the rocket not too wide so that it flies straight but also gives the rocket enough power to get off the ground and eventually orbit in space.

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