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more faraday cagery



I just read the blog post about the Faraday cage shoplifter, and felt inspired to talk about another use for faraday cages. in todays modern society, mostly everything is electronically operated. since a few years ago, this electronic wave has grown to include credit cards. some companies today put electronic tags in their cards so that one need only to swipe their purse or wallet in front of a sensor to pay for items at stores. unfortunately, hackers have managed to create a handheld device that reads the card information, such as name of person, their address, and credit card number, much in the same way that the sensors in stores do. the scary thing is that these devices are portable, so someone with one of these devices would just need to pass by you in public to read all your information. the solution to this problem has been fabricated by wallet companies, who have made a faraday cage wallet, stopping hackers in their tracks by blocking all induction by radio waves.


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