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Why is it Easier to Catch a Ball With Two Hands Instead of One?



As I go off to Tufts University in the fall, one of the things that I'm looking most forward to is joining the qudditch team, where I will be a chaser. One of the tuft-est (see what I did there?) things about being a chaser is that one hand has to hold the broom while you run, meaning that you have to catch the ball with solely the other hand. This is difficult for two reasons: 1) The force felt from the ball is directed onto one hand instead of two, so the force is spead across a smaller plane, making it more difficult to control the force. And 2) With two hands you can catch the ball on its sides, forcing the ball to naturally slow down over a longer period of time, thus decreasing the force felt. But with one hand, you have to find a balance between securing the ball and moving your hand with the ball in order to increase the period of time of the ball slowing down. This is a tricky maneuver and can easily lead to one dropping the ball. So even though quidditch can be difficult, I'm very excited to play.


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