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The Therapeutic Theremin



Mr. Fullerton showed us this intriguing instrument in class and I just HAD to find it for myself. The Theremin is a musical instrument that changes its pitch and volume based on the electric field surrounding two rods. The player's right hand controls the pitch and his or her left hand controls volume. In AP Physics, we normally calculate electric field using png.latex? \varepsilon _{o} with a value of 8.85x10^-12F/m, but this only works for a vacuum or air. When the player brings his or her hands closer to the instrument, the permittivity of the area of the field is changed, and E (electric field) changes according to png.latex? E=\frac{Q}{{4\pi \varepsilon.

Here is an awesome example of the Theremin in action:

I feel like it sounds similar to a soprano when in its higher register and a cello in its lower register. What do you guys think?


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this is FRIGGIN amazing. i love the theremin, it is so cool! I agree with you, it sounds like a very high womans voice at the highest of the pitches, and can deffinetly see some sort of string instrument on the low parts

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we should have the music department join forces with the physics department and gang up on the school board until they buy one of these for "learning purposes"

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