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In preparation for the AP



In preparation for the AP Physcis-C exam, I did a number of things that helped me to properly review the year's material.

1.) I looked over each test and studied the questions that gave me the most trouble.

2.) I re-read the parts of the text book that described specific properties regarding certain topics during the year such as the properties specific to conducting and non-conducting shells. Also, I looked up and reviewed kirchoff's loop rules and the properties that go along with the circuits in which those rules apply.

3.) I wrote all of the equations down on separate sheets of paper, one for mechanics and the other for electrostatics and magnetism. And the more i wrote them, the better I recognized them when the day of the AP came.

4.) I did a little each day and didn't stress myself out too much which helped me to go into the test confident and calm. I set myself up to think effectively and critically for however long we were given for the tests.

I felt the way I prepared myself for the test was well thought out and it worked pretty well. I probably could have studied the multiple rules and properties better but in the future I know what methods of studying work for me: repetition is the key to my success.


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