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momentum headaches!



In my soccer game yesterday, I experienced quite a collision. Not with anyone person. I collided with the ball. In soccer, each player is allowed only to use their feet, their body and their head, not their arms or hands. Hands and arms may not come in contact with the ball. Yesterday, I had a few head balls that demonstrate the concept of conservation of momentum. A teammate of mine kicked the ball from the sideline and I redirected it with my head towards the goal. The glancing blow off of my head sent the ball in one direction while my head recoiled and traveled in another. My head, being more massive than the ball, moved only slightly in the opposite direction while the ball flew a good 30 feet to my left. Now, momentum works at angles and the trajectory of the ball was at an angle so its path changed at another angle. My head isn’t a perfectly round surface so the balls new trajectory couldn’t be easily calculated by a normal physics c student, at least without more given information about the dimensions of my head. Needless to say, I left the game with quite a headache.


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