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4th quarter in Review



In light of the end of school, I want to review how my 4th quarter has been. My third quarter was slightly less than stellar taking into account my previous accomplishments and I feel like that was the “swift kick in the a**” that I needed to get right back on track. From then on in the 4th quarter, I turned things around, studied hard for my AP classes and did well on my exams. After that I focused on my other non- AP classes and increased my grades considerably. In physics, we started the Kerbal Space Program and that was a lot of fun but at the same time it was educational. We got to learn about the physics of flying a rocket and how to manage a business through our online write-ups. My partner Zach did most of the work because he thoroughly enjoyed it but I forced my way through in the end so I could get a taste of that experience. I will always regret doing these blogs late because that wasn’t fair to my family or my physics C teacher who was kind enough to accept them. Overall I feel like the 4th quarter went well but I still have some work to do before college.


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