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Relativity and String Theory!



Yesterday in class we learned about Einstien’s theory of relativity and time travel. Our physics teacher explained to us how traveling in space or being on another planet can alter the amount of time you feel and your body experiences. If someone is in Space for 70 earth years, their body doesn’t age those 70 earth years if they are far enough away from the Earth’s atomsphere. We also learned about how the speed of light is the fastest speed that can be achieved in the universe: 2.998 x 108 m/s. We discussed how no object in the universe can attain that speed because as an object moves faster, it gains mass. The more mass it gains, more force is needed to accelerate the mass to continue increasing its velocity. No matter how small the initial mass is, it will become so big that there is not enough energy in the universe to apply a force strong enough to accelerate it to the speed of light. Furthermore, we also learned about how string theory applies with electron transfer. In theory, two electrons next to each other are connected by a “string” and they have opposing spins because no two electrons can spin in the same direction when they are next to each other. When one flips, the second one is supposed to instantaneously flip as well to maintain the different directions they spin in. It has only been proven to be true at a maximum of 13 miles across a river in Russia but physicists are still working on it. I find this concept fascinating and I really would like to know more about it.


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