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We just recently finished a game in calculus. We called the game “tag” but it really was a game of assassin where we could get people out by shooting them with water guns. We had to be very stealthy because no one was supposed to know about it. To keep up with the stealthy behavior, shooting long range squirt guns would have been really effective to get people out without them realizing what hit them. In the beginning of the year we conducted a lab with q-tips and plastic straws. That lab demonstrated the concept of velocity and the relationship between displacement and acceleration. If we had water guns that had a longer nozzle with triggering mechanisms that would apply a constant force on the water from the beginning to the end of the nozzle, then the water would be accelerated over a longer displacement. F=ma and the longer an object is accelerated, the greater its velocity. Water guns with longer nozzles would be able to shoot water out faster and over longer distances if shot with an angle of appropriate trajectory. If they weren’t that noticeable, then it could have worked to our advantage. The best assassins have a good understanding of basic physics.


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