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The Physics of My Dog, Pearl



So my dog just growled and I thought I should do a blog post on her since I cannot think of any ideas. I was just playing fetch with Pearl in my house, which has hard wood floor (the real kind). Pearl ran on the area carpet onto the hardwood, but when she tried to stop, she ended up skidding past the ball into the fireplace (its just a hole in the wall made of brick so she was unharmed).

So here's the play-by-play:

When Pearl was running on the carpet, she was able to get enough contraction to accelerate forward.

Once Pearl hit the hardwood floor, she couldn't accelerate or decelerate as easy as when she was on the carpet without the friction on her paws.

When she reached the ball, she attempted to stop abruptly, however, the with the low friction on the hardwood floor, she slid past the ball into the fireplace.

While my dog is very smart, she is not smart enough to learn physics. But if she could, Pearl would probably not slide into the fireplace every time we play ball. At least I can get amusement from she sliding all over the place. :lol:


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