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Unfortunately we can't dodge the physics regents exam BUT the good news is we can dodge dodgeballs in gym class. So yes, that was really corny intro sentence but, you'll thank me later the next time you go to participate in this scary sport :-)

Remember the 5 D's:558904_10152725860590114_493561457_n.jpg

Just kidding, that's from one of my favorite movies: dodgeball.

But physics believe it or not has everything to do with dodgeball- throwing, catching, running.

When you throw the ball you are inacting a force, velocity, distance, final velocity and accelaration.

When catching the ball you are stopping a force through momentum and every force has an equal and opposite force. Your gravity keeps you on the ground and in place when the ball is being thrown at you so that you have the ability to catch it.

When you are running- you are using kinetic energy and velocity. KE=mv^2.

Funny how physics is everywhere!

Good luck on your exams everyone!


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