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Christina H.


When your in the shower belting out songs so know one can hear you i bet you have never thought that singing would have anything to do with physics. Well youre wrong! It totally does! People can not only hear your singing but they can also feel it! By singing, your voice creates vibrations that form into waves. Sound can be represented in wave form. The amplitude of the wave (the height of the wave) is represented by how loud you are singing. The amplitude is the degree of displacement of teh vibrator. Singing at a louder pitch create more vibrations, while singing at a soft pitch doesnt create as much vibration. This can be heard and felt in a car also. Depending on what the volume and the bass in the car is set at a person sitting in the car can feel the vibrations. Usually you cant feel the wave vibrations of a voice that isnt amplified unless you are on a surface that can allow waves to pass through it easily. For example, you can feel vibrations through would very well.

So next time your mom or dad say stop singing you can tell them i am just practicing my physics :thumbsu:

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Here's my physics question... why do I sound like a rock star in my car by myself with the windows rolled up singing along to the radio, or in the shower when I'm at home by myself, yet can't carry a tune in a bucket if anybody is listening?

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Wow! Never thought of relation physics to singing in the shower and I never came o the conclusion of being able to feel the vibrations

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