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the physics behind taking your physics test!



After taking this class we now can all answer the question that stumped us at the beginning of the year; What is physics? its everything. The crazy part to think is that its actually true. Anything anyone could ever think of has to do with physics. Tomorrow we take our final for this class, struggling to remember every little thing we can. The crazy part is that taking that test is physics.

If we're lucky, we'll drive to the test. How does a car run? and electric circuit. physics. Along the way you probably have to pick up a friend or two, and you use your cell phone to tell them you have arrived. Another electric circuit. Hopefully before all of this you showered, and thanks to gravity the water fell down on you instead of floating. After that you stumble around your room trying to find clothes that match thanks to all the colors we are able to see on the spectrum.

Arriving at the school, you have to have an acceleration from sitting in your car to get into the testing room. Although some will be moving at an incredibly slow constant pace, trying to avoid the test. Sitting in your test you will put a force on the chair, which will then push up on you at the same force to keep you in that chair. Thanks to the florescent lights we will be able to see our test.

So while you're studying, don't say you don't know much about physics! Because everything you do, even going to the test is physics!

Best of luck!



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