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So Many Forces..



Forces are everywhere and i never knew how many forces act upon a simple object until this unit in class! A force is a push or pull acting upon an object as a result of its coming into contact with another object. For the purpose of this blog post, i will use a basketball rolling down a hill because that is simple, and hey, its getting late.

So the forces acting upon this object are the normal force, applied force and gravity force. The normal force is the force of a surface acting back on the object so in this case it is the ground pushing on the basketball to keep it up. Secondly, the applied force is a force from a person or another object so there would be an applied force if i were to go up to this basketball and push it down the hill. Lastly, gravity force is what pulls the object to the center of the earth. This is equal to the weight of the object because it is found by multiplying mass times 9.81 N/Kg.

There is also friction, which is exerted by the surface when the ball (in this case, basketball) rolls. Air resistance is another force most people don't think to consider, and this force is opposite of which ever direction the ball is rolling. As you can see, there are a lot of different kinds of forces, and i have nobody but mr. fullerton to thank for teaching me all of them!

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