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Studying for the Regents



SO, many people have many different ways to study for the regents physics exam including myself and my friends.

First i picked kids from the AP track to help me study for physics because i knew that they would be able to teach me a lot more than if i were studying alone. They did teach me a lot!

I drove to pick up Bakari from his house using my car Stanley. Stanley changed potential energy to kinetic energy as it changed gas to moving fuel. I had told Alan, our other study party member, to arrive at two, and i arrived at Bakari's at 1:50. It is safe to say i increased my velocity from the trip to his house to the trip back home. I accelerated uniformly until Bakari told me that i could just use the cruise control. My cruise control turned on and would not turn off until i tapped on the break. This instantly reminded me of the law that an object will stay in motion unless acted upon by an outside force, this outside force being my foot on the break.

After running into many red lights we turned onto the bridge which had a different road surface than the street. This caused greater frictional force against the car which made my acceleration increase so that i could get past the high coefficient of friction.

When we finally arrived at my house we had to put the top back up on my convertible. This was physics in itself as well. The button i pressed used mechanical energy to get the top closed so we could go inside and study.

Of course studying with boys they wanted to listen to music. This music would produce sound waves from my computer and into the awaiting ear drums of us studiers. What they didn't know is my sister was down in the basement practicing for her singing jury. Before we could turn on our music we had to figure out how to block out Taylors music. The sound waves were traveling from the basement up to the living room by using diffraction. Her sound waves went from her, across the basement, around the corner, up the stairs, around another corner and into our ears. Very impressive!

Quickly enough the boys grew hungry. I, being the lovely hostess, offered them chicken wing dip. I had to warm it up first in the microwave. These waves created heat and energy to make the chicken wing dip at a good temperature for eating. The mechanical energy of the boys chewing was only accompanied by a refreshing drink.

Both boys wanted straws to drink their beverages with. The straws in the can was immediately refracted so we couldn't tell where it was in the liquid.

The door opened, my door consisting of potential energy turned to kinetic as Sam entered my house. He ran in, pushed me to the ground and sat on me. his momentum before equaled his momentum afterwards as he tickled me until i got up an hid behind Alan. I couldn't replicate his force by any means because my mass was much less than his however i could remove the attraction between us by moving away from him. Our distance increased which created a smaller force of gravity between us.

Alan quickly helped change the subject by swinging his iPod around and around on the wire. Bakari and I were quick to analyze this as having centripetal acceleration moving toward Alan's hand that was spinning the wire. We said that it had a uniform velocity and if we had a timer on our hands or a ruler we would be able to figure out the acceleration.

Sam also assisted us with this experiment as he swung his keys in a circle around his hand. He however experimented with the idea that if you were to cut the string the velocity would shoot outside of the circle. He unexpectedly let go of his keys allowing us to see which way the velocity was being allowed to go. The keys shot from his hand and into the wall behind him.

All too soon the boys had to leave, however Its safe to say that although they didn't realize it, these boys helped me a lot more than they thought they would.


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