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Physics of Dodgeball



Physics is in dodgeball no matter what you may think. There is kinematics along with work and energy. This is almost all in the throw of the dodgeball and how you hard and fast you can throw the dodgeball.


The energy is used for the ball through the air. if you throw the ball it has a certain kinetic energy as it flies towards its target. The energy of this is based on how fast you can get the ball with the initial velocity and the kinetic will remain the same if you neglect air resistance. the work is shown through how much you move your arm and how far the ball has to fly. the ball is displaced and the force you throw with is the amount of work the ball made. there is also kinematics because you can use it to determine the distance that the ball will travel after you release it from your hand.

this all shows that there is more physics in dodgeball than most people realized. the kinematics will show distance and velocity. the work will show how much was done by the person and the ball through the air. and finally there was energy because that there was kinetic and potential along with internal.

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