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Goodbye/Hello Physics

Leon Sandcastle


I've been reading some of the seniors final blog posts in physics and I decided to be moved by the same wave. I didn't face any new challenges. I struggled to be consistent because I'm not the best at time or mental management. I lose track of relatively large amounts of time easily. Through the ups and downs I learned well from the master Fullerton. I too now am one master yet I feel slighted. ALL of the physics in star wars is fake... not fake but impossible in my lifetime so I learned what I already expected to be true in such depth I'm happily confused now rather than how I was mischievously curious about Physics and all that it entailed. I'm glad I spent the time in class to learn from kinematics to modern physics. Being in class turned out to be entertaining and mentally fulfilling. i've come to the conclusion that Physics isn't studied for the sake of knowing and understanding it because it seems to me, there is no end. One cannot simply understand physics further than what we understand now. I honestly believe Physics is studied to enhance ones ability to think. I think Physics is the gateway to transform thinking from being a scalar quantity to being a vector, strong, focused and intentional to derive something specific in another facet possibly. Taking Physics has allowed me to grow in a way immeasurable by me at the moment and I respect Physics. I enjoyed the class and that's all that matters besides me gaining the minute understanding I have gained. To say the least, if I could bend time I probably couldn't make myself do anything differently but if I COULD I would enjoy it more. I'll encourage my underlings to take the course too!

Farewell Physicists!


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