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The Physics of Learning About Vectors



I'M BAACCCKKKKK!!!! As stated in my last entry, though it be several months ago, college wont stop me from blog posting. And with my new found wisdom of college life, I thought I should give some advice to the new prisoners, I mean physics C students.

The first thing you learn in physics c is vectors, along with the dot and cross product. LEARN, MEMORIZE, MASTER, REPEAT. Not only will they continue to pop up throughout the year in physics, they will continue to pop up in college. I was one of the many that learned and memorized it at the beginning of the year for the first test, then forgot about it the next day. DON'T DO THAT. I am currently taking calculus III and Fullerton's lessons on it are my lifesaver. I am the one explaining the notes to others instead of being extremely confused. Also, Fullerton's method for solving the cross product is very useful, so while it may seem confusing or overly complicated now, it will simplify the more difficult questions in the future.

Alright, I think that enough of now, I don't want to scare you newbies away already!!!

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Great post mathgeek15, and very timely (we were just doing cross products this afternoon!)  I'll share with the class tomorrow.  Thrilled to hear school is off to a strong start for you!  

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