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To be honest, I was hesitant when I was asked to take AP Physics B two years ago. I certainly had no idea what to expect. As it turns out, I wasn't disappointed. The class itself was intriguing and it motivated me to continue my education in Physics.

As a student pilot, I became interested in how the fluid dynamics actually played out in the air. Last year gave me some important insight on that topic. I became interested in physics beyond the areas of last year, leading me to enroll in this class.

I suppose I'm taking AP-C for the experience; that's what I want out of this class. I aspire to be a full time pilot (with a mechanical engineering major), and the knowledge (and maybe the college credits) will certainly come in handy.

This year, I hope to expand my interest and skill in the physical setting. I have big expectations for myself in this class, and I'm interested to see how well I can do.

I'm very excited about going further into E & M, because I feel like I never actually grasped the concepts last year. However, the math itself will be challenging, and that's what I'm mainly anxious about as I go through these first few weeks of senior year.

Since flying is easily my favorite thing to do, I couldn't think of a class that applied any better to flight than physics.

So, Physics C, bring it on.



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Wow, that's amazing that you're a student pilot in addition to taking AP-C! How on earth do you find the time?? (Time is relative... haha) I'm so glad you're taking Physics, and as a former engineering major in college, Fluid Dynamics was one of my favorite courses. If you have any questions, I will be happy to (try to) answer them! Good luck this year!

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You're so right that physics is extremely important for flight! One of my friends just graduated with a mechanical engineering degree and went on to graduate school for aerospace engineering. I'm sure he would tell you that this class will help you a lot for your future plans!

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