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Hello to all,

In having a brother to introduce me to Physics before taking the course, I knew going into AP Physics B would be a challenge, but a worthy one at that. Never did I think I would be working with 14 other very talented and intelligent students through one of the hardest AP Courses this year, Physics C.

My interests and aspirations vary greatly, from my main objective to become an Officer in the Air Force and major in Mechanical Engineering and Physics, explore combat engineering and tactical studies, and serve 8 years, active duty and reserve, to the fine arts, singing, songwriting, and producing music. "Creative" is a trait I try to apply to everything I do, regardless the topic or field of discussion.

Things I look forward to in Physics C is understanding the fundamentals behind all we have learned since last year. Seeing the correlations behind the equations or problem sets. I also look forward to exploring the mechanical components of Physics; Kinematics, Work and Energy, etc. The first semester will probably be my best. I am anxious, to describe it kindly, about Electricity and Magnetism. I loathed the topics in Physics B and will probably find similar distaste in these two topics this year. I also feel I will struggle with these the most in this course.

Anyway, I look forward to an excellent year this year!


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Awesome first blog post! So excited to have you in AP Physics C. As a former engineering major in college, I can tell you with certainty that this class will serve you well in all your future endeavors! Good luck this year!

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