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My insanity explained



Hello fello accomplices together I hope we can take on physics and master it's test. I have lots of confidence I can contribute to this because my strong suits are in math and science. These subjects have always come easy for me so I enjoy the challenge of physics c. I can definitly improve on some of my calc skills and some physics concepts I didn't master last year. I hope in the future I can maybe become a physics major or some type of enviromental engineer. I am hoping one of those career paths will allow me to work in a field with alternative energy so I can find new ways to improve the world we live in.

I hope to get a greater understanding of the world we live in and to enjoy the subject even more then I did last year. I love to fix problems that dont work and im excited to learn new aproaches to solve the inescapable laws that surround

us. Although I have to admit I'm a bit anxious about the difficultly of this class but I'm sure if I stick with it and put in the effort, I can prevail.

Not accountable for any spelling, grammar and/or punctuation errors.


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I'm with you on the math and science part - I've always enjoyed those subjects the most and I also like the challenge of AP Physics. Love the comic, so accurate!


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