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whoop whoop physics c time



Totally undisclosed and unknown Physics C student here ready to inform you all about the most important parts of the year: my opinions. Well, there's no need to worry because you will be getting it whether you like it or not. No, really, it's required that I write this so that I can boost my grade and all.

So. Why am I in Physics C? Good question. It all started back when I was five years old......

No, but really, it's because I'm going into biomedical engineering and physics is kind of a good thing for an engineer to know. Also, my friend Ender had Mr. Fullerton a few years ago and he told me that even though he was in regents (I think) Mr. Fullerton was an awesome teacher. No, I am not sucking up. Plus, look at this guy. :sword: He has a sword. How cool is that? And there's Zoro :zoro: I mean come on.

All things aside, I like learning how the world actually functions according to SCIENCE, and feeling smart when I can pull out random facts I remember from class. :crazysmile:


Which reminds me. For a webcomic that deals with physics and computers and sarcasm and math and wonderous geeky stuff a lot, go to http://xkcd.com/. Especially check out the what-if section for super science-y stuff because it's all what would happen in random scenarios due to the laws of physics. Woot.

I believe I am done rambling now. Til next time that I forget I have a post due until an hour before

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YAY! You and I should talk more because I actually just finished my college degree in biomedical engineering... and needless to say, you've picked a great field!! Glad you've figured out the emoticons, good luck this year!  :geek:

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